My Tuesday Shopping Cart – Christmas Cocktail Parties

I don’t know if I’ve really mentioned this, but I recently got laid off. Nothing dramatic or ugly – just a company that needed to save money. I’m not hurt or upset – we parted on great terms and I wish them nothing but the best. However, I have now been gypped out of my fancy Christmas party…… which means no reason to get a fancy Christmas party dress! But fear not; I will not be stopped by a little thing like no party to attend. I will window shop to my heart’s content. So without further ado, my Christmas cocktail party dream dresses!

1 – Gia Batwing Ruched Dress in Purple – Monif C.

I honestly don’t know if I’m fierce enough to pull off this dress. Monif C makes the classiest/fiercest fashion of any designer, and this dress is no exception. I love that it doesn’t bare a lot of skin, but the sexiness is in the fit and the color. It’s dramatic and almost over the top…… just like me.

2 – Drape Neck Sequin Dress – Lane Bryant

Okay, I fudged on this one a bit. I don’t actually want this for a Christmas cocktail party. I want this for an annual Christmas party that my dear friend Jennifer hosts. It’s tons of fun, the food is amazing, and we do a hilarious gift exchange. The party is casual, but as we all know, casual isn’t really in my vocabulary. This dress with tights or leggings and some cute ankle boots = fashion and comfort and a bit of Christmas glitz!

3- Jessica London Shift Dress in Lace (Plum) – Amazon

The dress is the epitome of classy. It comes in black as well (which would be the most gorgeous LBD) but I love the plum because it’s different. This dress (like the Monif C one) doesn’t rely on showing skin to be memorable. Also the lace long sleeves remind me of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. So I can totally pretend that I’m married to a Prince because I just know he’s a sucker for long lace sleeves.

4 – Wrapper V-Back Cowl-Neck Jersey Dress – Amazon

This dress is pretty simple, and that’s what I love about it. With bold makeup and some statement jewelry and sparkly shoes, it’s a great party dress. With tights and flats and a cardigan, it’s a lovely everyday dress. That my friends is versatility. Next to cheese, versatility is my favorite word.

5 – The Victoria Dress by Queen Grace – Sonsi

The picture doesn’t do this amazing dress justice! The cut is so unique with the fuller skirt, the almost boat neck, and the flared sleeves. But what really sold me is that sequined panel in the front. I am always a bit wary of sequins; I think there’s a fine line between looking fun and bold, and looking like a Florida retiree heading out for a night of bingo. This is the perfect amount of flash in a demure setting.

What do you think of my Christmas cocktail party selections? Are you attending any fancy holiday parties this year? If so, what fanciness will you be wearing??



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