My Wednesday Shopping Cart – The Utterly Ridiculous

I like to think I’m a pretty smart shopper. I almost always wait for a sale, I hoard coupon codes, and I’m not above using my “fashion blogger” title to ask for free shipping. That being said, I have a (not so) deep dark secret. I like some crazy stuff. And I don’t mean crazy like “stripey socks”. I mean RIDICULOUS stuff. Either insanely expensive (which is a totally subjective thing – my idea of expensive and yours might be totally different) or just plain weird and wacky. Today’s shopping cart is an homage to the many odd things I love…….. a lot……..


1. Rachel Pally Mini Caftan Dress – Bloomingdales
I know it looks a bit scandalously short (but I’m sure the model is like 5’10”) and I know that it costs the same as the full length dress (more one that at number3) but I can’t help but love it. I love the way it’s styled here with tights and boots. In the summer though, you can wear it with just some flats or sandals and show a bit more leg. Plus, come on, that pattern. It is too much fun!

2. Bespoke Coco Lace Back Jumpsuit – Simply Be
Please do not judge me for my overwhelming desire to own a jumpsuit. I know it’s not normal or healthy or smart, but I don’t care. This jumpsuit looks both elegant and comfortable. Of course, I can’t guarantee that it’ll look like that on me, but I’m willing to give it a shot.

3. Rachel Pally Long Caftan Dress – Nordstrom
I’ve been dreaming of a Rachel Pally dress for a looooong time. Now that I no longer fear the maxi dress ( I own three!!) I know that I must add this to my wardrobe. She truly makes the best, most luxurious dresses for women of all sizes. Yeah, they are on the expensive side, and yes, I will probably have to hem it because I’m short. But I think it would be a brilliant purchase. Just don’t tell my mom I’m planning to spend $264 on a dress okay??

4. Michael Kors Chain Print Slim Pants – Nordstrom
I saw these pants thanks to The Curvy Fashionista. She pinned them on Pinterest and put them in her picks for Nordstrom. They aren’t that outrageously priced, but the print is just so wild….. I LOVE THEM!! I am not a big fan of wearing pants (I’m definitely more of a dress person) but I would make an exception for these. I vacillate between wanting to be smart and wear them with a solid and neutral shirt, or being outrageous and wearing them with sequins or something. If you are wearing pants with a chain print, I feel like you really should just go for broke.

Shoes and Purses

1. Alexander Wang Rocco Textured-Leather Bag – Net-A-Porter
The next two pieces are sort of an homage to one of my blogger mentors, Grechen at Grechen’s Closet. She’s the first person I saw with this bag, and I was absolutely taken with it. The duffle shape is not one, I’m usually drawn to, but this is just so neat and tidy. Plus, the bottom has rose gold studs. ROSE. GOLD. STUDS. I am a sucker for rose gold in any form, so of course I love this. It’s pricey, but it’s a definite statement bag that will get me some street cred with the other fashion bloggers…….. not that I need any 🙂

2. Repetto BB Patent Leather Ballet Flats – Net-A-Porter
This is another item that Grechen introduced me to. Repetto is a French company that has been making beautiful and high quality ballet shoes since 1947. The iconic BB flat was created for Brigitte Bardot and became a legend in both the ballet and the fashion world. I could write volumes on the amazing story of Repetto, but instead I just want to own a pair of their iconic flats. They are made from the best materials and with careful attention to each detail to make each shoe strong and comfortable enough for a dancer. I could pretend I was a prima ballerina on her lunch break in these!

3. Tory Burch Reva Flat in Clay Beige – Neiman Marcus
I have shared my love of Tory Burch flats many times over the course of this blog. Sure, some people say they are overdone and too obvious, but let’s be honest; I could really care less what others think. The fact is, I have had all of my TBs for at least 2 years (one pair is 4 years old!) and they still look and feel great. To me, that is the sign of a great shoe. Obviously, I’m starting to feel like it’s time once again to add a pair to my collection. I always hear that it is sooooo important to have a nude shoe in your collection to make your legs look longer. I love this shade because it’s not too dark and right now, my legs are mucho pale. I truly believe that these are worth the price. Strictly going by cost per wear, I would say these have paid for themselves at least twice.

4. Mulberry Bayswater Textured Leather Bag – Net-A-Porter
This might be the most ridiculous thing on this list. Let’s be real; paying over $1000 for a person is (to some people) just plain wrong. And I am certainly not one to waste my money frivolously.  Well, unless it’s one of those arcade claw machines….. they always get all of my quarters! Anyhow, this bag is my Chanel 2.55; this is my Fendi Spybag; this is my Prouenza Schouler PS1; this is my Chloe Paddington; this is my Hermes Birkin bag. To me, this is the ultimate classic statement bag. But unlike many other statement bags, it doesn’t shout its pedigree; it quietly whispers it with a knowing smirk. It’s the most quietly ostentatious bag I’ve ever seen, I love it. I love it’s elegance, I love it’s simplicity, I love it’s classic style, and most of all, I love that it doesn’t shout it’s price tag and label from the rooftops. So I will continue to work hard, and squirrel away money in a small account called “MB” knowing that one day, this will be mine. And someday I’ll pass it on to my niece or my child, just like Coco Chanel passed on her quilted 2.55.

Tell me about your favorite splurge pieces – what items would you love to have, no matter how outrageous!


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  2. Love the title of the article!  How about sharing some of those great coupon codes and finds with readers?  Could be a great real time alert on your Twitter account! It would be amazing to get an alert on a great plus size fashion deal too good to pass up during an otherwise bland day.

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