New Hair Style, (Slightly) New Me

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that my hair keeps getting crazier and crazier. Let’s start at the beginning of the journey……

Before The Madness

pre haircut

Before I starting getting wild with my hair, I had pretty much kept it around ear-to-shoulder length. I generally had a bob that would grow out into a lob, and then get chopped back into a bob. Occasionally I would die it all black to conceal the alarming gray hairs that kept popping up.

First Big Cut

first hair cut

The first time I cut it, I didn’t really take off a ton of length, but I did shave the side. Erin at Urban Betty totally ran with my Demi Lovato inspiration picture, and even gave me the same lines in the side of my head! I loved this cut, and I felt super cool. But I wondered…. could I go further???

Second Cut

second hair cut

This time I definitely shortened the length, and just cut the side super short instead of shaving it. I also re-dyed it black. Though my natural color is super dark brown, I dye it black to keep from arguing with people that no, my hair isn’t actually black. This way, it’s black, no arguments (yes, people have argued with me over my own hair color) and it covers the gray hairs! Fun fact from Chelle at Urban Betty: There is actually no black hair in nature. Even people with the darkest hair would still fall under SUPER MEGA ULTRA dark brown. Cool, huh?

Third Cut

third haircut

For this cut, I actually switched to Madelon at Urban Betty, and she did an AMAZING job!! I took off more length, and continued to keep the side short. I feel like this style is probably the best for my face and for styling, but I knew I needed to get a little crazier…..

Fourth Cut

fourth hair cut

Madelon totally embraced my desire to go bold, ¬†and really chopped it! You can’t tell in this pic, but both sides are short, and the top is long. I was definitely inspired by amazing androgynous women like Tilda Swinton (my all-time style icon) and Ruby Rose. But I’m not one to settle for long, so I figured it was time to pull out all the stops!

Latest Cut

latest hair

This last time (Sunday to be exact) I went to my friend Becky and I was like LET’S GET WEIRD. She very happily obliged! I haven’t bleached my hair since I was 20 years old, so it was an experience. But I was super excited with the way the color came out! In the next 4-6 weeks, we’ll be adding more white/silver to it, but I am super happy with the color right now. In addition, I went super-duper short, and I’m kind of in love with it. I’m still learning how to style it with the paste, but I love that it just stays. Also, I feel super fierce!

So……why did this crazy hair stuff start? I really can’t say. These last 5 cuts have all been since mid-December of 2015, so about a month after I got married. Maybe being married helped me feel like I could branch out and try new things. One of the awesome things about my husband is that he really gives me the freedom to be who I am. He’s 100% supportive of me, and loves to see what I’ll do next. So maybe having that unconditional support made me feel safe enough to try. Whatever it is, I’m glad I did it!!

I can’t say if I’m going to keep it like this forever, or if I’ll grow it back out some, or if I’ll die it purple. It’s a mystery!!

If there’s something you’ve been dying to try style-wise (hair, makeup, clothes, shoes, etc) don’t be afraid to JUST DO IT. It may work, it may not, but it’s hella fun to find out!

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  1. It’s so neat seeing your hair journey and the subtle (and not so subtle) differences from cut to cut. Thank you for encouraging us to go bold! I’ve always always always wanted to dye my hair cotton candy pink, but I’m terrified of bleaching it. For years I used the excuse that I was a young teacher and shouldn’t do something so drastic. But now I’m a fashion blogger and work for myself, so… Maybe one day!

    <3 Liz

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