Old Navy Bottoms Haul

I’m always inspired by my fellow bloggers. This week, Authentically Emmie (also known as one of my blogging idols) did a great post about trying skinny jeans from Old Navy. She’s normally a bootcut girl, but they are having a sweet sale, so she tried them out. As always, she looked freaking gorgeous and adorable, even while in a orthopedic boot! This reminded me of two things. 1- I own exactly one pair of pants, and 2- I obviously need more bottoms. It may not be fall/winter here yet (give us a few weeks), but when it gets here, I’m going to wish I had more leggings/skinny jeans/tights. So I should probably get moving on that.

Luckily, Emmie’s post showed me that Old Navy has super cute stuff AND it’s on sale. So I got a few different items. What ended up in my order? Well I am so glad you asked……

Rockstar skinny jeans - green

 Rock Star Skinny Jeans in Gestalt Green

Okay, I am going out on a limb here. Skinny jeans that are green? I know, I’m kind a nuts. But I love this color, and I already have 3 tops I can’t wait to try with them. So hopefully they fit and look as fun in person as they do on those invisible legs in the picture!

knit pencil skirt

 Knit Pencil Skirt With Black Stripes

I have 2 black pencil skirts; one is casual and stretchy, but a bit too big. I wear it all the time. The other is more formal and not stretchy, so I don’t wear it like….. EVER. I’ve been wanting another pencil skirt that is less boring and more form fitting. I like the length of this one. I can wear it long with heels, or pull it up higher and wear it with flats. Plus it has the unique coloring and black stripe.

dark wash jeggings

Dark Wash Pull On Jeggings

I used to have an awesome pair of jeggings…… then I lost them. Such is the sad story of my life. I love how dark these are, and can see them looking fabulous with my many pairs of awesome boots. And I promise I won’t lose these!

black leggins

Black Jersey Leggings

Okay, these are boring, but seriously – everyone needs multiple pairs of black leggings and black tights. I have a few pairs from Target and Lane Bryant, and I’d like to see how the quality of these compares. Honestly, the more expensive Lane Bryant ones have held up the worst. Maybe I should do a little testing and put together a post on which ones fair the best…….

What to you think of my bottoms picks? What else do I need? Are you creeped out by my continuous use of the word “bottom?”

2 responses to “Old Navy Bottoms Haul”

  1. Lisa says:

    I absolutely love the Rock Star line from Old Navy! While normally not a huge fan of the store, these pants are super flattering for all sizes. I just bought some in blue this week – so I’m with you on the crazy-bright bottoms. Paired with the right top, it is sheer perfection. I’d love to hear how the rest work out…thanks for sharing, Cathy!

  2. Aw, thanks! I spend 99% of my time in dresses, so I’m hoping this is the intro of more pants into my wardrobe. I like the green ones you got!

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