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Two weekends ago, my dear friends Sandhya and Gaurav got married. The traditional ceremony was beautiful and full of meaning as well as the most beautiful exchange of vows I’ve ever heard. Seriously, I cried through the entire last 10 minutes of the ceremony. After the ceremony, was a lovely lunch (where I learned a thing or three about the spiciness of Indian food!) and then went home to prepare for the big dinner and dance. What does one wear to a fancy evening wedding that is also appropriate for dancing the night away? Here’s what I came up with…….

So fancy!

I got the purple and black lace dress from Maurice‘s about a year ago, and I don’t get to wear it enough. It’s super cute and sexy without being too revealing. I lied, the top is insanely revealing! Luckily, I had a black lace cami that worked perfectly underneath. It was a chilly night so I wore my black shrug from Nordstrom. It’s small but surprisingly warm! I wore my favorite peep-toe black wedges from Nordstrom as well. They are starting to get old, and I need to find some replacements but they seriously are perfect; perfect fit, perfect height, everything. How do you replace that?

What do you wear for fancy weddings? What do you think of my evening wedding reception look?

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  1. Ayantika says:

    hey beautiful, loved your dress !!

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