Outfit Post – Gwynnie Bee

So my new package from Gwynnie Bee came, and OMG I love it all! So far, I’ve only managed to wear one dress, but it was beyond amazing. I even managed to get a picture of it……

Me gwynnie bee polka dots

Dress – Lucie Lu Glynis dress in Coral c/o Gwynnie Bee | Shoes – Steven Madden via Nordstrom (no longer available, but they are on the Steve Madden site) | Owl necklace – present from an enabling friend!

You might be saying one of two things right now. Either “Dang girl, your legs are white!” or “Holy crap those shoes are cool!” To the first statement…. yeah, I know. It’s pretty bad. To the second thing…. how about a close up!

SM loafer shoes

Yeah they have spikes all around the sides. I’ve kicked myself in the ankle a few times and believe you me, they are SHARP! They look good though……

What do you think of my polka dots and spikes??

**If you are wondering what the heck Gwynnie Bee is, I am more than happy to share. It’s a lending site for plus size clothes. Sign up for a membership or 1,2, or 3 pieces at a time and try out tons of new styles without the commitment of purchasing! Genius right?? Check out the site for more info and tell them Cathy sent you – there just might be a surprise in store for you……


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