Outfit Post – Gwynnie Bee Red and Black Asos Dress

Another day, another fabulous Gwynnie Bee dress! I was really hoping to get this dress to wear while it was still a frozen tundra here in Austin. I did get it in time, but I overestimated my desire to get out of bed and out from under the blankets during the hellish cold period. So I didn’t actually get fancy until it warmed up. However, it was worth it! This dress is insanely comfortable, despite having long sleeves. Plus it gave me an excuse to wear my sparkly, studded black loafers. I love these shoes, but it’s hard to wear them too often. They always over power the dress. This dress was up for the challenge with the red center and cool pattern.

asos red gwynnie bee dress -small

Asos Red and Black Dress – c/o Gwynnie Bee | Steve Madden Black Studded Loafers – Nordstrom (sold out) | Small owl necklace – gift from a friend | Sassy hair flip – who knows????

Once again,  I am reminded that I need to remedy my pasty white leg situation. I’ll probably get started on that this month so that when it gets super hot here, I’m ready to show my legs. Right now….. well….. it’s just embarrassing!

PS – If you are looking for a great way to try some new clothes without committing, I highly recommend Gwynnie Bee. Their selection is amazing, if you really love a piece, you can purchase it, and it’s just so fun to get new clothes all the time. I am compensated for my reviews, but all opinions and clothing choices are my own.