Package From Gwynnie Bee aka Stuff I Want to Keep FOREVER

Quick note: Gwynnie Bee is a super mega awesome clothing rental serice. You become a membership, create a closet from their amazing selection, and they send you clothes to wear. Try them out, wear them a couple of times (or not at all if you don’t dig them) and send them back when you are ready for new pieces. It’s like having a new wardrobe at your finger tips, and you can have fun new clothes all the time without the commitment of buying a whole new wardrobe. Click HERE to check it out and join – tell them I sent you for a special surprise 🙂

So I just got my latest box from Gwynnie Bee. I love them so much, but I’ve been having a hard time committing to getting dressed in something other than workout shorts and a shirt everyday. I love working for myself and making my own schedule, but it’s making me a bit lazy. However, this week’s box made me want to get dressed RIGHT NOW!!

GB package 1

I love all of the different patterns and colors!

Normally, I stick to solid,dark or neutral colors. So I’m pretty excited to have so many patterns and colors to wear this time. Obviously, I tried them all immediately……

polka dot cherry velvet dress

Blue polka dot dress from Cherry Velvet (via Gwynnie Bee) – cat butt not generally included.

It is pretty much ridiculous how adorable this dress is. The fabric is a lovely cotton that is just structured enough to be fancy, but still super comfortable. Obviously my cat Widget loved this dress but more on that later.

asos curve floral dress

Floral Skater Dress by Asos Curve (via Gwynnie Bee)

So I’m sort of obsessed with finding cute, comfortable, and COOL (temperature wise) dresses right now. Summer is still going full force in Texas and staying cool is a necessity. This dress is a dream come true. It’s light, comfortable, not too long (or too short!), and the pattern is adorable. I really don’t ever want to send this back.

Kiyonna convertible stripe dress

Convertible Stripe Dress by Kiyonna (via Gwynnie Bee) – please excuse the bra straps.

Ok so small confession – I am still wearing this dress. I had to run a quick errand, so I threw on some flats and a short sleeved cardigan and ran out. When I got home, I just stayed in the dress. Yeah it’s that comfortable. You can also wear it as a maxi skirt, but I love it as a strapless dress. Plus the pattern and colors go with everything.

I cannot wait to wear these dresses all over the place. My older sister’s birthday is today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!) so I can wear one for her birthday dinner tonight and another one for the party on Sunday. Yay for fancy fun clothes!!

Oh and remember when I said Widget loved that dress earlier? Here’s more proof…..

Widgets favorite

She loves it sooooo much!

Don’t forget to check out Gwynnie Bee and tell them Cathy sent you!

**I am a partner of Gwynnie Bee and do receive compensation for promotion and referrals. However all opinions are my own. I don’t fangirl over anything unless I really love it.




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