Personal Shopping Extravaganza!

I was chatting with a new friend last week, and I mentioned how much I love helping other people shop. He asked if I did any personal shopping, and I said I did. Then I realized that was kind of a lie! I have done personal shopping, and I LOVE doing personal shopping, but I haven’t made the effort to do it lately. So in an effort to get back to doing something I love, I’ve decided to run a little special…….

personal shopping extravaganza

Super Mega Ultra Style and Shop Extravaganza!

So here’s what’s included:

  • 90 minute initial consultation and closet analysis. We’ll go over what you’d like to get from this experience and what you feel are your strengths and weaknesses in your wardrobe. We’ll go through your closet and do a bit of mixing and matching. I will suggest what pieces I think are not useful to your wardrobe but this is not How Do I Look; I will not be forcibly throwing away your stuff!
  • Pinterest board creation. If you are a Pinterest user, I’ll create a board that we can both pin on. I’ll pin items I think fit with what you are looking for, and you’ll pin pieces that you would love to have in your closet. This will give us a strong foundation for our shopping excursion.
  • Shopping! This package will include up to 2 hours of shopping. We can either make a plan and hit the stores, or we can hunker down at your place (or mine) and shop online. I personally love shopping online (better selection) but that’s up to you.
  • Before/After pics. Mini fashion show time! We’ll do pictures of three of your normal outfits that no longer loved, and pictures of three new and improved looks. They can include new pieces and old pieces.
  • Blog post. (This is totally optional. I would love to write about our experience, but if you are uncomfortable with that, the pics will be for your use only.)

So now for the most important question – how much will this service cost you? Well friends, all of the above will cost you a grand total of $150. That’s right, just $150 for my (not so) professional help!

Why $150? That covers my time. I wish I could be a lottery winner and do personal shopping and styling for free, but alas….. I am not. So the cost covers my time spent.

If you would like to book a session with me, please email me at To secure your appointment, I ask for half of the cost up front (my mad math skills says that’s $75) with the rest to be paid at the time of consultation and closet analysis. I can take Paypal, and am working on getting my Square set up…… but also accept checks and unmarked $1s.

So if you would like to get some shopping help to get your wardrobe updated,  I am so totally here for you. My schedule is pretty flexible, so we can always find time to get together. I can’t wait to shop with you!

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