**DISCLAIMER** If you are looking for a “What Not to Wear”/ “How Do I Look” type guerrilla makeover, I am probably not the one for you. I aim to bring a very positive approach to personal style, and I do not enjoy tearing people down. My job is to help you find a personal style that is indicative of who you are, not who I or the fashion industry thinks you should be. I have a few hard and fast rules (listed below) but other than that, the style will be all your own!

I have worked with a variety of people – men, women, tall, short, curvy, thin, etc. To me, every person has the right to look good and feel good in what they wear. Personal style has nothing to do with size, shape, budget, color, or gender; it’s the non-verbal expression of who you are. My job is to help you find and cultivate the style and put together a wardrobe that makes you feel your absolute best.


I do have a few rules when it comes to wardrobe, and they are:

  • Wear what fits you. Don’t get bogged down in sizes. Pick clothes based on how they look and feel on you, not based on a number printed on a tag.
  • Regularly curate your wardrobe. Every six months, pitch clothes that are worn out (holes, stains, tears, etc) and donate clothes that you haven’t worn in over a year. Cluttering up your wardrobe with things you don’t wear makes it harder to utilize the things you do have.
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things. Many people tend to shy away from “trendy” clothes, but incorporating trends into your wardrobe can be fun and expressive. Even if it’s just adding a new color, or trying some different shoes, a little adventure goes a long way.
  • Don’t let someone else’s rules dictate what you wear. If you’re like me, I used to get stuck on these “rules” that I had heard from other people. You know the ones – horizontal stripes make you look big, white makes you look big, leggings are for teenagers, etc. Don’t let those type of arbitrary rules keep you from trying something you really like. Nine times out of ten, it will work for you!


Services I offer:

*Closet Analysis*
I’ll help you go through your closet and create looks with what you have, get rid of what is no longer of use, and come up with a list of pieces that would be helpful to add.

*Personal shopping*
Let’s go shopping! We’ll meet beforehand and set up shopping goals so we know exactly what to look for. Whether it’s for a special occasion or a much-needed update to your work attire, let me help you find your perfect pieces.

*Accessory/shoe update*
Perhaps you love your wardrobe but your accessories are behind the times. Let me help you clear and organize your accessories and create a plan for items to add. Are you rotating between the same few pairs of shoes with no idea what to purchase to liven up your choices? I’ll help you put together a list of some key shoes to add to your wardrobe based on your clothes and daily lifestyle.

*Personal styling*
Have a big event coming up and not sure how to put your look together? I’ll come and help you put together a complete look – clothing, accessories, and shoes as well as hair and makeup suggestions.

For every client, I will do a fashion questionnaire to find out what your style needs are and what areas on which to focus. In addition, I will create a Pinterest board for you and I to use to get visual inspiration for items you like and styles you want to incorporate into your closet.

You can choose just one item, or we can create a whole package – whatever best suits your style needs! Email me today for pricing and questions.