Petticoat Fair and the Pursuit of the Perfect Bra

First let me start by saying I am hella late with this post. I’ve been such a neglectful blogger!!

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a private event at Petticoat Fair. Now, I’ve heard of them from friends, and supposedly they had the power to find you THE PERFECT BRA. I agreed to go, but in the back of my head I was like “Pshaw, there is no such thing as a perfect bra. And if they do find one fore me, it’ll probably be super old lady-ish and boring.” But bra shopping is such a chore, so I was willing to give it a try.

To set the mood for you, here was the first display I saw as I walked in…..

Petticoat Fair bra display


My first thought was “Holy crap, I must own that bra!” My second thought was “Sweet baby Jesus, they have some seriously awesome stuff here. I’m about to be schooled in bras. YASSSSSSS!” A couple of friends showed up, and after checking out all the awesome stuff in the store, we were ready to get down to boob business.

Here’s how it works. A personal fitter does some measuring, and then brings you a selection of bras to try. They don’t ask what you think you wear, or what you’ve been wearing. They just know what to pull. After determining what size fits best, they bring you a million different styles to try and see what you love. Friends, these ladies know their stuff. I have never had a better fitting experience in my life, and the bras I purchased (that’s right, multiple bras) fit like an absolute dream. I don’t think I can bring myself to buy bras from another store ever again.


First of all, my boobs deserve the best. I don’t mind paying a bit extra for magical support. When you are plus size and have giant boobs, bras are pricey. But I didn’t notice a big price difference from the ones I was buying before. We’re talking a $4-$8 difference.

I have not stopped talking about my magical bra experience to anyone who will listen. I already know of 2 friends that have gone to get fitted and went home with awesome bras. So do yourself a favor. At least go get fitted. Chances are, you are wearing the wrong bra size. And the first time you put on the correct size, you (and your boobs) will feel AMAZING. Trust me.

And just for funsies, here’s what I wore for the event (with an old, not perfect bra)

Petticoat Fair outfit

Shirt – Ava & Viv (Target-sold out online) | Skirt- So old, need a new one STAT | Shoes – Aldo (DSW – sold out) | Lipstick – NARS Matte Velvet Lip Crayon in Cruella

See that little curl sticking out of the side of my head? Yeah, I had NO CONTROL over it. Like, zero control. It just did its own thing…… all day. Here’s a makeup closeup!

Petticoat Fair face

Even working my best angle, that crazy hair is still there! Also, you can’t see it too well, but that tiny heart necklace has a C on it. C for Cathy! For Mother’s Day, we got my mom this awesome necklace set from Onecklace on Esty. Mom’s necklace is a gold circle with 3 little hearts punched out of it, and my sisters and I each have a heart with our initials on it. How cute is that?? The necklace is gorgeous, and I wear it all the time now. Apparently, I am now super into initialed things.

PS – I totally got 2 bras, and I will certainly be back for more!

Petticoat Fair bras

That’s right, I totally got the fabulous bra from the display!

Thank you Petticoat Fair, for inviting me out and getting my boobs under control. I can’t wait to switch out all of my bras to ones that fit and feel amazing!

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2 responses to “Petticoat Fair and the Pursuit of the Perfect Bra”

  1. LOL at “my boobs deserve the best.” But you’re totally right too. I’ve been wearing the Balconette from Lane Bryant for yeeeeeears. It’s a good bra. A classic. But sometimes you want to jazz it up, you know? What a fun event. I love the rainbow dot bra you got. Super cute! Thanks for sharing this with us. I wonder if we have a lingerie boutique like this around here?? I’ve gotten complacent about only going to LB for my bras. It might be fun to try a boutique for a change!

    <3 Liz

  2. Kimberly Tortorice says:

    OMG…I so need to go to PF. I, too, have been wearing the balconette FOREVER, and I live in a world of sliding straps!

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