Plus Size Outfit – Client Christmas Party

I’m so envious of people that get to go to multiple fancy holiday parties! There are many awesome things about being self-employed, but one of the drawbacks is no fancy parties. Luckily, my husband’s company has a fancy party every year! How do I ensure it’s fancy? Simple, I plan it! No joke, they are one of my clients, and I plan their Christmas party. So I find my dress, then plan the evening to accommodate it. I’M BRILLIANT, Y’ALL. Fancy Christmas party outfit ensured every year!

Earlier this year, I polled my followers on Facebook to see if they thought I should get a dress I had my eye on in black (my old standby) or blush. The winner was the blush color, and I’m not one to disagree with the masses. So I got it! Here’s my complete look from the night

Christmas Party Outfit

Plus Size Christmas Party Outfit

Dress – Eva Mendes for New York and Company | Shoes – Chinese Laundry via DSW (sooooo old, similar) | Blue clutch – Gift from BFF

Christmas Party Makeup

Christmas Party Outfit Makeup

Thought my lipstick is lovely, my eyebrows were the VIP for the night! Sorry,  I can’t remember what lip color I wore!

Christmas Party Couple Outfit

Plus Size Christmas Party Outfit

I love that he matched his shoelaces to his tie and pocket square. So fancy!! Also I would like some maroon shoes for this outfit to highlight the belt…..

This dress was a total winner for so many reasons. First, I didn’t feel exposed in the top. Sometimes wrap dresses have a hard time keeping my Epic Rack (shout out to Gail Carriger for coining the best phrase EVER!) under wraps, but this one had plenty of coverage. I hate wearing a super low cut dress in a dinner setting because I feel like the people sitting across from me are just getting boobs-eye-view the whole night. Second, it is insanely SOFT!! I forgot how much I love the feel of velvet. I petted my own arm all night. Fair warning though; the tulip front can show a little more thigh than expected when you sit down, so be wary. All in all, I was super happy with this dress and my entire Christmas party outfit. I hope I can find more places to wear it before it gets hot again!

What was your favorite party dress this year?

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