Plus Size Fall Outfit Roundup

I am slightly ashamed to admit that I have a legit backlog of outfits! Life, work, and holiday madness have seeped in and made me fall absurdly behind on my outfit posting. So I figured we’ll put them all in one post together! Settle in and get a drink because this is going to move quickly!

Presented in no particular order……..

Fall Outfit #1

Sweater – BP Stitch Curve Hem Cardigan, Nordstrom (sold out in this color) | Dress – Zulily | Leggings – Ava &Viv, Target | Boots – Frye, Nordstrom (4 years ago?)

I wore this for our anniversary dinner on November 8th! I wanted to look cute, but I also needed space since we were eating Italian food. Also, I think this might be my favorite fall color combination. It’s like all of the best fall neutrals in one outfit!

Fall Outfit #2

Dress – Victoria Beckham for Target (last year!) | Shoes – Cole Haan, Nordstrom (last year)| Purse – Mat & Nat, Nordstrom (SO. OLD.)

Okay, I will admit that I took this outfit picture after a funeral. It was the first time I’ve been able to wear this dress – it didn’t fit when I got it! I got so many compliments on it, as well as being compared to Wednesday Adams and a sexy pilgrim. I don’t know if either are fitting, but I know I love this dress more than anything.

Fall Outfit #3

Sweater Vest – Target (3 years ago?) | Dress – Zulily | Boots – Frye, Nordstrom (4 years ago)

I spent all day at a fundraiser in this outfit, and was super-mega-ultra comfortable! I can layer this sweater over literally every dress I own. Well, at least all of my cotton Zulily dresses. It has served me so well, and it’s deceptively warm. Also, any opportunity to wear my Frye boots makes me super happy!

Fall Outfit #4

Dress – Old Navy| Vest – Dia & Co | Shoes – Vans

I can’t remember where I wore this outfit, but I know I wore it! I still struggle with wearing bodycon stuff, but layering it helps a lot. Also this dress is so ridiculously comfortable, I truly love wearing it. I’ve worn it with vests, kimonos, cardigans….. it works with everything!

Fall Outfit #5

Shirt – Rebdolls (old) | Culottes – Target (last year) | Shoes – Nordstrom

So I have this friend Laurel who is an awesome personal stylist with mad personal style, and she wears the crap out of her culottes! I struggled with how to style them because I don’t love tucking shirts in, but wearing a shirt untucked looked messy on me. So I bit the bullet and tried it with a crop top.  Surprise, I freaking loved it! Will definitely be wearing this again…….

Fall Outfit #6

Dress – Universal Standard | Shoes – Nordstrom
(sold out) 

First off, let me apologize for this awful picture. I realized as I was heading out the door that I have never photographed this dress, and I wear it all the time!! The Geneva dress from Universal Standard is such an amazing staple, and I have worn it both casually and for fancier events. It seems so simple but that asymmetrical hem is so damn dramatic and I love it.

Fall Outfit #7

Jacket – Lane Bryant (2 years ago) | Sweater – Lane Bryant (last year) | Leggings – Target | Boots – Nordstrom

I put this outfit together on a whim one day, and had no idea I was making MAGIC! This is like my ultimate fall/winter look. Cozy, comfy, and chic as hell. Also, my birthday boots are so cute I want to cry!

What are y’all wearing this fall?

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