Plus Size Outfit – Being Boss and Being Modest

Before we talk about this Boss outfit (spoiler alert: IT SAYS BOSS), I want to talk for a hot minute about being modest.

I consider myself a pretty modest dresser. I like my hemlines to be below my fingertips when my arms are at my sides, I don’t do super low cut stuff or spaghetti straps, or backless tops. There are a few bodycon pieces in my closet, but I rarely wear them alone. Yeah, I’m pretty darn modest, and that is becoming a bit of a rare occurence in the plus size blogging community.

Just so we’re clear, I’m not throwing any shade at those women. When you find that level of comfort with your body,and you really embrace and love it, you have every right to put it out there in whatever clothes (or no clothes!) makes you feel good about you. We all deserve to feel good about our bodies, and how we choose to adorn them.

But there’s a disturbing movement that says that women – especially plus size women – owe it to each other to put their bodies out there. That because our bodies are mocked and dehumanized, that it is our duty to show them off to give a big FUCK YOU to the critics. And friends, that is just not true. You don’t owe anyone anything. True empowerment means making the choice about what feels right for you. YOU DON’T OWE ANYONE A SKIMPY OUTFIT OR A NAKED INSTAGRAM PIC IN THE NAME OF BODY POSITIVITY. You can love your body and love yourself, and still feel like being covered up. That’s your body and your choice.

Me personally, I already did that. I dressed very provocatively back in the day. And that’s okay. I’m not ashamed of it. But it’s not what makes me feel my best. I feel the best when I choose to wear things that are more modest. Not because I am ashamed, but because that’s how I choose to honor my body and celebrate it. And frankly, I’m not a big FUCK YOU type of person anymore. I choose to fight my battles differently.

To each their own. Do what feels good for you. And it might be different day-to-day, and that is totally okay! If you want to wear a deep v-neck for work, and a caftan on the weekends, then do it. Your life, your body, your look, your choice.

Now, let’s talk clothes!

Plus Size Outfit – Being Boss and Being Modest
All pictures by the brilliant Caitlin McWeeney Photography

Plus Size Outfit - Being Boss and Being Modest

Dress – Like a Boss Graphic T-Shirt Dress, Lane Bryant (almost sold out!) | Shoes – Steve Madden, last year (similar)

Plus Size Outfit - Being Boss and Being Modest

Lip color – Ultra Matte Lip in More Better, ColourPop | Earrings – set of 3, Nordstrom Rack (similar)

Plus Size Outfit - Being Boss and Being Modest

BONUS!! I started with a hat, but my head go hot | Hat – Glitter Baseball Hat in Pink, Target

I should have titled this post ROSE GOLD EVERYTHING, because I think it’s pretty obvious here that I have a problem. First, I don’t like graphic tees with slogans. I mean, if it’s super meaningful, I dig it. But for the most part, I like to keep my my clothes either solid or with a simple pattern. Words aren’t really my jam. I don’t do kitschy fashion. But this dress, y’all. THIS DRESS. At a time when I’m leveling up in my own work (and doubting myself on a daily basis) this rose gold reminder that I’m a BOSS was spot on. How could I say no??

I struggle with the fit a little. The shoulders are kind of weird, and of course I worry that it’s cut too straight for my shape. But it looks cute, I look cute, and my shape is perfectly acceptable. Sadly, I have had to pass on these shoes as they are now too big for my shrinking feet. Guess I better start looking for some new rose gold sandals……

Also, I never wear this hat because my head gets hot so quickly, but I don’t care because it’s precious!! I just need to see it every single day and remind myself that fabulousness exists within me, even if I’m just working at home in my home clothes.

Have you ever purchased a piece of clothing just because it makes you so damn happy?

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