Plus Size Outfit: Blue Dress and Body Changes

Before we get into this weekend’s outfit post, I wanted to quickly address something that I’ve been getting some questions about. I’m talking about body changes, y’all. Yes, I am losing weight. Yes, it is now becoming pretty evident in my pictures and clothes. I’m not really super comfortable talking about it yet, because it’s very foreign to me. When I started my health journey at the end of last year to get my diabetes and blood pressure under control, I was aware that weight loss would be a side effect. But – real talk here – I was not prepared for how quick the changes would be, and how other people would jump at the chance to ask about/comment on my body. The good news is that my recent check in was AWESOME, and I am getting my health in check. I appreciate the concern people have shown, and I promise I am doing really well!

So a quick word of advice to all of my loving readers. When you see someone who has had a change in their body, proceed with caution and kindness. There is so much policing of each other’s bodies (especially among women), and it can be really awkward for someone to receive attention and comments on their body. So before you ask them about their body, check in on how they feel. Ask them if they are doing well, physically and emotionally. For me, this weight loss has been fraught with emotions and uncomfortable feelings that I’m just not ready to talk about. And I’d much rather talk about how proud I am of the positive turn in my health than the changes on the scale.

Soooooooo now let’s talk clothes! I have an addiction to admit to, and honestly, I’m not the slightest bit ashamed. I’m talking about Zulily and their absolutely magnificent Facebook retargeting ads. They really seem to understand what I am into style-wise, and they get me about once a month with cute stuff. I ordered this piece as a top, but it actually works really well as a dress. Perfect for the impending spring/summer weather!

Blue Dress Outfit

Plus Size Outfit - Blue Dress Zulily

Dress – Zulily  (sold out, but they have lots of other plus size stuff)| Shoes – Aldo (old)

Blue Dress Outfit – Makeup

Plus Size Outfit - Blue Dress Zulily- Makeup

Lipstick – Lip Ammunition in Thick As Thieves, Jeffree Star Cosmetics (limited edition) | Eyeshadow – NYX palette (similar) | Eyeliner – Matte Liquid Liner, NYX | Earrings – Nordstrom Rack (similar) | Necklace – Gift (similar)

At first I was worried that this was a little short as a dress, but the more I wore it, the more I realized I was totally okay with the length. Also, it has pockets and y’all know how amazing it is to have pockets! I’ve ordered a few more dresses similar to this one (don’t worry, they are all under $20) and I can’t wait to try them all!

Can we also talk about this amazing necklace? Here is a shot I took of it right after I got it…..

Plus Size Outfit - Blue Dress - Necklace

I don’t know why I am so terrible at getting a good picture of it, but I love it so much! It was a little gift from my honey for Valentine’s Day, and I love it so much!! It’s kind of hard to see, but it’s a skull with a rose in its mouth, and it has a little crystal brain rattling around in its head. When I wore it over the weekend, two people stopped me to look at it. My honey knows me so well!

These pictures have illustrated for me that I need some new spring/summer shoes (even though I love my velcro ones so much and will not stop wearing them until they fall apart!), and that I need to get a tan on my legs. They are so much whiter than my arms! I am disgrace to my heritage, y’all.

Thanks for letting me share all the exciting and crazy body changes that are happening in my life. And thank you all for caring and loving me. Y’all are the best!!

And if you are so inclined, check out Zulily. They have a lot of cute stuff for great prices. It’s the perfect way to try a new trend without committing a ton of money. Just remember that they are a flash sale site, so things are only available for a couple of days. And shop responsibly!

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