Plus Size Outfit | Flowers Everywhere

Real talk, friends. Being photographed in the dress in this outfit was STRESSFUL for me! Bodycon is generally not my thing, even with a fun open, flowy cardigan that has flowers everywhere. But I love my blue bodycon dress, and I love the flowy cardigan, and I especially love the shoes! So I sucked it up and did some pictures, and I love the way they came out! (Mostly because Caitlin in a genius with a camera.)

Plus Size Outfit – Flowers Everywhere
All pictures by Caitlin McWeeney Photography

Plus Size Outfit - Flowers Everywhere

Dress – Bodycon Dress by City Chic, Nordstrom (old, similar) | Top – Floral print overpiece, Lane Bryant (sold out, similar) | Shoes – Janey Platform Oxford by Abound, Nordstrom Rack (I got mine in store, but there are few sizes online!) 

Plus Size Outfit - Flowers Everywhere2

This overpiece legit looks good with EVERYTHING!

Plus Size Outfit - Flowers Everwhere3

I could look at these shoes all day, y’all. So freaking cute!

Plus Size Outfit - Flowers Everywhere4

Lipstick – Super Stay 25 Hour Color in 24/7 Fuschia, Maybelline
Full disclosure: I airbrushed some of the texture off my skin in this pic.
I also love that you can see my little collection of Friday the 13th tattoos in this pic!

I don’t know why I got so insecure in these pictures. Maybe it’s because the shoes cause me some trouble. I love them so much, but if I wear socks with them, they feel tight. But if I wear no socks, I get the WORST shoe farts! I am going to look for thinner sock liners and see if that helps. Maybe it’s because my dress is bodycon, and I didn’t stick to the same pose where I feel like I can “control” how my body looks. Maybe it’s because my brain hasn’t caught up with my body changes, and I still see something that I don’t think looks good. Who can say?

All I know is that all of that insecurity and weirdness about these pics – how I look in these pics – drove me to do a little airbrushing on my face. Most of the time, I am super happy with my face and my skin! But it felt like a thing I could “control” (man, that word comes up with me a lot!) so I made a few adjustments. It’s weird when  I get hung up on things about my appearance, but I am not going to shame myself for it. At the end of the day, I want to feel good about myself, and if a few airbrush tweaks make me feel a little better, then more power to me!

I’ve posted this dress before with a different overpiece and shoes, and I still love finding new ways to style it. I’m going to try and snag the black version in a smaller size during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I love navy, but black is still my go-to color!

So let’s talk about what really matters and that is these adorable shoes! I posted a teaser on Instagram, and people were definitely digging them! As soon as I figure out my sock situation, I will be wearing these all the time with all the things – shorts, dresses, heck even my pajamas. They are just so fun and unique and easy to wear. However, I think I am tapped out on blush pink shoes……

What makes you feel your best in pictures? What makes you cringe and hide your face?

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