Plus Size Outfit – Grown Up Pants

If you know me IRL, you know two things about me:
#1 – I love cheese.
#2 – I hate pants.

I don’t know when the hatred of pants started. Back in the day, it was all I wore! But at some point, I started hating the way they fit my body (which in turn made me hate my body), so I just quit wearing them. I stuck to skirts and dresses – mostly dresses – and just avoided pants. Leggings are good with me, but pants are a no-go.

After finding some jeggings that fit me pretty well, I decided pants deserved a second shot. I ordered another pair of said jeggings and, just for the heck of it, ordered a pair in petite to see what those were like. Friends, they are EVERYTHING. I’m not sure why I never thought to get shorter pants. It’s not like I’m tall or anything. But I’ve been so freaking happy with my ankle length pants, and now I wear them all the time! Plus, the original pants I purchased are now too big. But that’s another story for another day…….

I’ve been wearing my new pants with everything, and I cannot be more excited about the looks I’m coming up with!

Grown Up Pants Outfit

Outfit - Grown Up Pants

Shirt – Ava & Viv, Target | Pants –  Petite Jeggings in Rinse Wash, Lane Bryant | Vest – Dia & Co | Shoes – Aldo (old) | Purse – Nordstrom Rack (sold out)

Grown Up Pants Outfit – Makeup

Outfit - Grown Up Pants - Makeup

Brows – Anastasia Beverly Hills Brown Definer in Dark Brown, Sephora | Lip Color – Matte Velvet Lip Kit in Rosie, Kylie Cosmetics

Grown Up Pants Outfit – Purse

Outfit - Grown Up Pants - Purse

One more picture of my purse because I lurve it so much!

Obviously there is a lot of cool stuff to unpack in this outfit, so let’s get to it! First, that vest. I cannot say enough about this vest. I’ve always wanted a neutral colored, utilitarian-style layering piece that wouldn’t kill me with heatstroke in the summer. This was in my Dia & Co box, and it was the only piece I kept. I just restarted my membership, and I am enjoying trying new stuff! My box was actually really good, but this was the most expensive item so I stuck to one thing. Can’t wait to see what next month brings! Also, if you decide to sign up with my link, I get a credit and I’ll send you a thank you card!

Next, is the purse. So, funny story about this purse. I’ve actually wanted it for over a year. But the price was tough to justify, especially since I had been carrying a more casual purse for so long. But I loved it every single time I saw it. Then, Nordstrom Rack got me with the Facebook Ads! They had a flash sale, and my purse was 50% off! I took it as a sign from The Almighty (I’m confident that he loves accessories) and ordered it. I could not be happier with my choice! Super roomy, fits my giant wallet and makeup bag, and looks super classic and chic. This one will definitely be staying for a while!

Last is the lip color. I know I wrote about this Matte Velvet from Kylie Cosmetics before, but I continue to find myself reaching for it over and over. Seriously one of the best formulas and most beautiful colors I have ever owned! I’m definitely going to try some other colors in this formula. If you are in the market for a matte liquid lip that isn’t quite as intense and drying as a standard formula, definitely try this velvet one!

I know that pants are not my regular thing, but thanks to these jeggings (and my old faithful black pants) I might just be a grown up pants wear after all…….

What are you absolute favorite, ride or die jeans?

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