Plus Size Outfit – Latina For Life

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that before I was Cathy Tilton, I was Cathy Benavides. And that last name was a very visible way to wear my Mexican heritage. Being Mexican is an integral part of who I am, and I am borderline obsessed with my culture and the history of my family.

Taking my husband’s last name was sort of a no brainer for me, because I wanted to be connected to him in that very binding and legal way (NOTE: That isn’t the case for every married person, and that is totally cool. This is what felt right for me!). But taking that step wasn’t easy for me because it meant shedding a very important part of my identity. And ever since then, I’ve been working to find ways to reclaim and proclaim my heritage. And of course, fashion was totally there for me!

Outfit – Latina for Life!
All pictures by the brilliant Caitlin McWeeney Photography

Plus size outfit - latina for life

Shirt – My prima, Jessica! Send her a DM if you want your own | Shorts – Girlfriend Denim Shorts, Lane Bryant | Vest – Dia & Co | Shoes – Vans via Nordstrom

Outfit - latina for life

Flower crown – Los Ofrendas Etsy Shop | Lips – Nars Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella, Sephora

So, the story of the shirt and the flower crown are amazing. First, my sister won a Mother’s Day dinner for her and my mom on Instagram at Austin institution and amazing restaurant, The Tamale House. (Go follow them, and go eat there. They’ve been around since 1958, the food is amazing, and it feels like home!) In addition to the dinner, she also won a flower crown for herself and Mom to wear to dinner. So she contacted them and said that she actually had two more sisters, and could they come to the dinner if they paid for themselves. Tamale House said of course, and very generously covered our dinner as well, and the amazing Etsy shop that was doing the flower crowns made two more on super short notice for my other sister and me! (NOTE: I paid for the extra flower crowns. Because YES to supporting local businesses!) We took some adorable family pictures in our crowns and looked like Latina goddesses.

Plus size outfit - latina for life

Yes, we are the cutest family in the world.

As for the shirt, my prima created them with a friend and has been selling them on Instagram. I think she’s planning on making more, but I knew I needed to have one as soon as she posted it. Luckily they carry up to size 2X, so I got one as soon as it was in stock. The armholes are a little big on me, so I generally wear it with something over the top, but I love it so much and I wear it constantly! In fact, it inspired me so much, that I ordered two more tshirts celebrating Latina feminism. Keep on eye out for those in the coming weeks!

I’m also digging my shorts! I don’t generally wear a lot of shorts, and I rarely wear them on the blog, but these have served me well this summer. As I go into my second month of being covered with mystery hives, I alternate between not wanting anything on my limbs and covering up to keep me from scratching. These shorts are a little short for me, but they are perfect for Texas summers.

Do you have any pieces in your closet that celebrate your heritage? How do you feel about shorts?

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