Plus Size Outfit – Matrix Chic

Today’s outfit is a bit of a departure from my usual post. Usually when I do a plus size outfit post, it’s because I really liked an outfit. But sometimes the best-intentioned outfits don’t quite come together as planned. But you are running late, so you just have to roll with them!

I was super lucky to start my Valentine’s Day last week with my sweet friend Ilene (of Casa Weenie fame!). We met up for lunch and to catch up. Hanging with her is always super fun because she’s just a lovely human and friend. I always try to look my best when I meet up with friends because I spend so much of my week at home in my at-home gear. I had an outfit put together in my head, but I switched out the top at the last minute, and was less than pleased with the results. Let’s dive in!

Matrix Chic

plus size outfit - matrix chic

Top – Ashley Nell Tipton for JCPenney (last year) | Faux Leather Leggings – Lovesick (now closed, similar)  Jacket – Peplum Jacket, Lane Bryant (last year, similar) | Boots – Amazon (Sold out, similar) |
Purse – Michael Kors (last year)

Guest photographer: Ileenie Weenie!!

Matrix Chic Makeup

plus size outfit - matrix chic makeup

Brows – Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Dark Brown, Sephora |
Lips – Matte Velvet Lip Kit in Rosie, Kylie Cosmetics

First of all, this wasn’t the top I actually wanted to wear. I have a solid black tunic that I wanted for this look, but I couldn’t find it! Running short on time, I picked what I felt was the next best thing. I love this top, but I think I need to admit that it’s too freaking long on me. I always feel stumpy when I wear it because I want it to be shorter. It also has slits on both sides that go up just a little higher than I am comfortable with. Second, I don’t like the height of the boots. I think they go a little too high, and are a little too bubbly. I’d like them to be sleeker. Last, I need to learn how to pose with a damn purse. I’m turned at an awkward angle, my legs are weird, and I have six chins. Not my best outfit or my best picture, but hey, that’s how we learn, right? That’s what helps me grow and evolve my style!

This was also the first time I wore my Kylie Matte Velvet lip color out and about, and boy was I impressed! I am moving away from traditional matte liquid lipsticks because they are just so freaking drying, and I don’t have time to exfoliate my lips three times a day. This matte velvet formula stays in place like a traditional liquid lip without sucking the life from your lips – I love it!

Have you ever tried an outfit that just didn’t quite work for you? Ever had a piece of clothing that you loved, but never quite worked on your body?

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  1. First off, you should know that you’re far more critical of your own appearance in this photo than anyone else would be. I do think it looks sleek! When my boots slouch and crinkle, I’ve found that layering a thick pair of high woolly socks underneath gives them something to grip onto to so they’ll smooth out. And I love a purse shot taken from the side. Doing walking shots back and forth taken from the side will give you 20 duds, but there will be one great one in the mix too. Like you said, experimentation and practice always help. And the more you get used to seeing yourself in photos, the more you’ll either pose differently to get the shot you want or let go of the nitpicking and just roll with it!


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