Plus Size Outfit – Murder, She Wrote

Things I am awesome at: Coming up with cute outfits for Plus Size Outfit posts.

Things I am terrible at: Taking pictures of said outfits.

The biggest hindrance to me taking good outfit pictures is two-fold. First, my photographer (aka my very kind husband) is usually at work by the time I get dressed. Second, I have no good full-length mirror in the house, and even if I did, there is not a great source of natural lighting to take said picture. So, I work with what I’ve got. But I’m working on taking more pics! Why? Because I love y’all….. and also because I love having my picture taken.

I mentioned in my 2017 Goals post that I had an awesome SAVAGE crop top that I needed to wear more (hopefully that outfit pic is coming soon, because I did totally wear it out!) but I forgot to mention that, when I purchased that shirt, I also purchased another shirt. A shirt of my very favorite TV show and most iconic boss lady of all time. A MURDER, SHE WROTE SHIRT!! And I finally got around to wearing it. BEHOLD!!

Murder, She Wrote Outfit

plus size outfit_murder she wrote shirt

Shirt – Rebdolls | Pants – Lane Bryant (super old, similar) | Shoes- TOMS from Nordstrom (only in gray) |
Photobomb by Tyrone The T-Rex

One the surface, this outfit is unremarkable, but oh, it has hidden depths! First, I am wearing pants, which is not something I normally do. I’m more of a skirt or dress person for sure.

Second, I am wearing my pants folded. I am a big fan of the ankle pant look but I have no ankle pants. So I just did a little folding at the bottom of my old black pants and voila!!

Third, I have a Murder, She Wrote t-shirt!! I seriously love that show and I freaking love Jessica Fletcher. She’s a total HBIC who picked herself up after her beloved husband’s death and became a famous jet-setting author….. but she always came home to Cabot Cove. Total boss babe! The only way I could love this shirt more is if it was grammatically correct. Rebdolls,  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add the comma between Murder and She!

Last, I am wearing the only pair of TOMS I have ever owned. Since they came out, I have never been a fan of their style, even though I thought their mission was very nice. When I saw these, I was like YASSSSS GOD. Now they have even more styles I love! TOMS, please get out of my head. I have a strict one in/one out policy on shoes, and y’all are killing me with these awesome choices.

Murder, She Wrote Outfit – Makeup

plus size outfit_murder she wrote_makeup

Moisturizer – First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Creme Instense Hydration | Sunscreen – Elta MD Clear Tinted SPF 46 | Primer – Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer | Foundation – Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless in Natural Beige | Highlight and Contour – NYX Wonder Stick in Light | Powder – MAC Mineralize SkinFinish in Medium | Bronzer – Pixi by Petra Beauty Bronzer in Summertime | Eyeliner – ColourPop Creme Gel Pencil in Swerve | Brows – Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Whiz in Ebony | Lips – ColourPop Lippie Stix in Bossy | Earrings – Stell and Dot Aurora Stud Pack | Blush – No one because I forgot it

I posted this makeup look on Instagram because I was so freaking excited to see my skin all glowy again! Winter is especially tough on my crazy dry skin, and I’ve finally found the right mix of moisturizer/primer/foundation that keeps my skin matte without looking dry and flaky. Praise the makeup gods!!! I’ve also posted this lip color on Instagram before, but it is still my hands-down favorite red. And at $5, it’s impossible not to give it a try. If you are still looking for the perfect red shade, I highly recommend trying a few ColourPop ones. They have every shade you can think of!

What do you think of my Murder, She Wrote look? And (more importantly) what do you think about Murder, She Wrote? And do you have any outfit suggestions for new plus size outfit posts? Share your thoughts in the comments or on social media!

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