Plus Size Outfit Post and COLORING BOOK WINNER!!

Let’s start off with the most important piece of information:


Well, a big congratulations to Micki Krieger – you totally won!! I’ll be emailing you to let you know how to get your books. Thanks to all who entered!!

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk clothes, shall we??

This is another plus size outfit from the photoshoot I did with the awesome Nicholas Tilley!!

Plus Size Outfit Post and Coloring Book Winner | Austin Slave to Fashion

Top – Ava & Viv at Target (I have all 3 colors!) | Skirt – Redbolls | Shoes – Aldo via DSW (s0ld out) | Bullet necklace – gift | Bullet ring – Mana Culture | Lipstick – Palladio High Intensity Lip Balm in Blooming Berry

Nothing in this picture is particularly new; I’m pretty sure you’ve seen all the pieces before. But it’s still one of my most favorite go-to looks. It’s comfortable, cute, and just dressy enough to go on a dinner date, or to a night out. But let’s be real; for me, a happening night out is sitting in my living room with friends and my cat. So I don’t really need to be that fancy…… I just like being fancy!

Plus Size Outfit Post and Coloring Book Winner | Austin Slave to Fashion

Both pictures by Nicholas Tilley 

I cannot sing the praises of this top enough! I have it in black, gray, and magenta, and I wear them all the time. They go with leggings really well. Leggings with this top is pretty much my work week uniform. It’s comfy enough for a cat nap, but also nice enough to run errands. It also works with skirts, and can be layered with a sweater or worn alone. THE MOST VERSATILE TOP OF ALL TIME.

The skirt is almost sold out on Rebdolls, and I’m so glad I got one. It’s super stretchy and comfy, and I can pull it up to show a little knee, or pull it down to my waist/hip area to make it a bit longer. I’m so sad that these shoes sold out and I never got a nude pair. Now I will have to begin the hunt for nude flats. Any suggestions??

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  1. This is a great look and looks surprisingly comfortable and wearable for most any occasion. Sometimes I struggle with pairing boxier tops over fitted skirts and remedy the situation by tucking things in. This really works well on your proportions though, so I’m wondering if I just haven’t found the right proportioned pieces for me. Maybe there’s hope I can make this combo work!

    <3 Liz

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