Plus Size Outfit Post – Checking Out A Sports Bra or Two

Last week, I was invited to an event at Title Nine, and I was totally confused. I responded to the invite with “Thanks, but I am plus size and not an athlete, and I don’t run unless someone is chasing me.” But the very nice lady wrote back and told me that they carry a ton of plus size bras, and that I don’t have to be an athlete to love a good fitting sports bra. I couldn’t argue with her there…… so  I went!

First, let’s talk about the fact that I got dressed for said event.

Title 9 outfit_small

Top – Ava and Viv from Target (I have it in all 3 colors!) | Skirt – Rebdolls (last year) | Shoes – Nordstrom

I’m super into this top from Ava & Viv. It comes in black, gray, and magenta and I love them all! I wear a lot of leggings and pencil skirts, and this top is perfect for both. It’s a great length and the lace detail at the top keeps them from being too boring. Also, I am pretty much stopped wearing fancy shoes. It’s pretty much all tennis shoes and slip ons these days. Maybe someday I’ll get back to my flats……

The event at Title Nine was……. nice. I hesitate to say anything less than positive because they were nice enough to invite me, but here’s the thing. If you want me, you get honest me. So here goes.

Title 9 hashtags

Shout out to their awesome use of tags and social media! 

The story is lovely. The staff is sweet and attentive. Everyone was super nice. But if you invite a plus size woman to your store event, and she turns you down because you are an athletic store and she’s plus size, and you assure her that you carry plus sizes, and she agrees and shows up…. AND THERE IS NOTHING IN THE STORE THAT FITS HER….. well…… it’s pretty awkward. Yes, they do carry some plus size bras in the store, and yes they can order more sizes. But ALL of the apparel is straight size (14 and under) and the selection of plus size bras was very small. And they didn’t even go up to my size in the store. I smiled and tried to make it all okay and laughed it off, but it was seriously awkward and made me feel totally self-conscious. I was surrounded by mom and runner bloggers in their Lululemon trying on everything in sight, doing the “bounce test” on the amazing bras (which was hilarious and awesome) and I stood to the side and tried to be nice and pleasant. Needless to say I beat a hasty retreat.

Title 9 bra display


All the beautiful bras….. that I couldn’t try on.

So here’s the long and short of it. If you are a straight size woman, or under a size 18 or so (maybe a 20), check out their bra selection. If you are straight sized, check out their cool clothes and bras. But if you are plus size woman on the plus side of plus, don’t bother. You’ll just leave feeling awkward.

Title 9 water and bag

At least they gave me water in a fancy glass and a cute swag bag.

So Title Nine in Austin, I applaud your effort to include plus size customers. I am so glad you want to help people of all sizes get the right sports bra for them. But I think you are in dire need of a reality check about the realities of working with plus size customers. First and foremost, stock more items for us to try one, especially with the bras. Second, carry a couple of lines of plus size athletic/athleisure apparel. Last, get some advice and consulting from actual plus size women. I wish y’all all the best, and hope to shop with you someday!

Widget title 9 hat

Even the hat didn’t fit my giant head, but at least it looked great on Widget!

5 responses to “Plus Size Outfit Post – Checking Out A Sports Bra or Two”

  1. Applause for the honest and respectful review (though I wouldn’t expect anything less from you). I also declined the invite after looking at their website and seeing that they didn’t go up to my size, but was assured “something” would fit. Nothing would have. The woman I exchanged emails with was wonderfully nice, but blissfully unaware of the challenges of being plus size.

    • Yeah, that’s pretty much how I felt. I didn’t want to be mean, because everyone there is super nice, and they obviously wanted me there. But the reality is that by inviting me and then not being able to accommodate me just made me feel sort of awful.

  2. Social@TitleNine says:

    Thank you for the honest review. We truly want all kinds of bodies to feel comfortable in our store. We are extremely proud of the fact that we carry one of the largest selection of bra sizes out there (online and in our store), and know how to properly fit women of all sizes. But yes, there’s no getting around the fact that we do not carry plus size clothing. We are so sorry that this blogger event left you feeling awkward. That was never our intent, and we are going to take your comments to heart.

  3. Kay_MarDil says:

    My one gripe with athletic stores is the absence of plus sizes. And that size 14 is not gonna cut it, when the fashion industry thinks a size 14 woman has a lean shape with a waist. I haven’t had a waist in years. In fact, even when I’m a size 12 I don’t have a waist. I’m a rectangle with legs when I’m slimmer. I want athletic clothing that will fit me, but it’s difficult to find. I can wear straight sizes in regular clothing, although with my short stature I find tank tops or dresses with tank-style tops will be too revealing on the side boob. I cannot ever, let me stress, NEVER wear straight sizes in athletic wear, even when it is a vague XL. If Title Nine would carry legitimate women’s sizes in athletic wear, I’d buy them. And it’s no use holding out for inexpensive athletic wear at my size.

  4. Leah Nyfeler says:

    I’m so sorry you had this experience. I think for all women, one of the biggest hurdles to developing a love of fitness is finding the right support for our girls. Guys just don’t get how uncomfortable boobs+exercise can be. If I don’t have my running bra, I physically can’t run or do any high-intensity workout. It’s more important than the right shoes, cuz I can get a shoe that works just about anywhere at a moment’s notice.

    I completely understand why Title IX reached out to you, because you have a wonderful blog. What I don’t understand is why no one specifically asked you your size when you expressed hesitation at attending. A real opportunity for customer service was missed here.

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