Plus Size Outfit Post – Jewelry Habit and Regular Clothes

Today’s plus size outfit post is a mish-mash of cool stuff. First, it’s featuring a badass necklace I got from the fine folks at Jewelry Habit. You know how I pretty much always wear an owl necklace? Well, I’m trying to branch out these days. But finding necklaces that fit all of my criteria is tough. It has to be:

  • Long
  • Eye-catching, but…
  • Versatile
  • Out of the ordinary

I know, that’s a long list for a necklace! So when Jewelry Habit asked me if I wanted something to wear and review, I checked the website, not really having much hope. But I found a freaking awesome piece! Here’s a close up.

Jewelry Habit close up


Cute, right? It’s black and white with a strip of bling down the center. Since I wear a lot of black and gray, it pretty much goes with anything. I love it!!

So here’s the other interesting part of this post. The day I wore this necklace, I was just running around doing errands. So I dressed…..well…… normal. Like a normal person doing errands. Comfy clothes, light makeup, no lip stick……. just a plain outfit. And the weird part is that I didn’t want to post it. I felt like it wasn’t good enough, or fashionable enough. But you know what? It’s LIFE. It’s real. It’s an everyday look for living my day-to-day life. And there’s no reason to be ashamed of it. So here is what I wore it with.

Jewelry Habit outfit


Top – Lane Bryant | Pants – Avenue Butter Denim | Sweater – Super Old from Old Navy | Shoes – Ecentrq from Steve Madden (via Nordstrom) | Necklace – c/o Jewelry Habit

There were so many things I had issues with in this picture. It was windy and my two flowy tops looked all balloony, my pants are too long and I didn’t even fold them, I don’t have on lipstick, and my hair is poufy. But you know what? This is how I dress in my life. Not every day is dress/wedges/cardigan/lipstick. Sometimes, I just dress for function. And yes, that means pants, lots of gray, (maybe 50 SHADES OF GREY????) and comfy shoes.

I don’t have to be super fancy everyday. I don’t look “bad” because I didn’t dress up. I wore what made me happy for that day, and that’s okay. I felt like a badass in my awesome necklace, and I did all of my errands in comfort. I’m not going to be ashamed of a perfectly good outfit!

Many thanks to Jewelry Habit for this awesome necklace! It will certainly be in heavy rotation now. Check out their site for even more awesome jewelry, and be sure to Like their Facebook Page!

This necklace was furnished for me free of cost in exchange for promotion. The opinions and thoughts are all my own.

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