Plus Size Outfit Post – Mad SWAG

Two plus size outfit posts for the price of one! I haven’t been getting dressed up all that often recently, and I doubt you want to see my endless variations of comfy shorts and t-shirts. And I when I do get dressed, I almost always forget to ask Adam to take my picture. But I remembered not once but TWICE this week!

First up, my SWAG outfit

SWAG outfit

Shirt – RebDolls (not available, but so many awesome shirts!) | Skirt – Macys like a year ago | Shoes – Nine West (SO OLD) | Necklace – gift | Lipstick – Cynthia Rowley Beauty Creamy Lip Stain in Tulip

I’m sort of in love with my new SWAG shirt. Mostly because it lets people know that yes, I do have mad SWAG. But also because it reminds me that I have mad SWAG. And that’s really what’s important right?? BTW, I got this lip color from Birchbox in a Birchbloggers giveaway. If you haven’t jumped on the monthly box bandwagon, I highly suggest giving Birchbox a try. I’ve had it for like a year and half and I still love it. Click here for a referral code to sign up!

Now my other outfit……

Outfit with bad hair

Top – Woman Within Tunic (via Amazon) | Skirt – RebDolls (formerly Custom Plus) | Shoes – Nine West (SO OLD) | Necklace – gift from Adam | Smiley Face – Pic Monkey

So here’s the deal with my blatant Photoshop. I hate asking Adam to take my picture. Don’t get me wrong, he does it quite willingly, but I feel like it’s such a hassle. So I don’t really give him any direction and try to rush through it so he doesn’t get impatient. Mind you this is all self-imposed. He doesn’t mind at all. So of the pictures of this outfit, this was the only decent one, and my hair and face is a hot mess. My hair’s all messed up and half of it is flopped over the top of my head. And I’m making a weird face and look slightly cross-eyed. I certainly can’t do any real Photoshop magic to try and fix it, so I just put a smiley face over my head and called it a day. Fashion blogger realness there folks.

And the reason I have the same shoes on in both pictures is because I’m sick of all my shoes. I want to wear boots but it’s still not cold enough here. I’m bored with all of my flats, and I don’t want to look like a slob by wearing Converse or Vans all the time (which I totally do). So this means I better do some shoe shopping! Oh darn.

PS – My birthday is this month, and I’m asking all of my friends, family, and random internet readers to help me have the greatest birthday EVER. See, I’ve been obsessed with these Frye boots for 3 years, but it was hard to justify the cost. So I started a GoFundMe page! If you want to wish me a Happy Birthday, feel free to kick in a few bucks. There’s undying love and a thank you note in it for you!


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