Plus Size Outfit Post – Pattern Mixing Mod

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I don’t even know who I am anymore. Two plus size outfit blog posts in one week?? I swear, Texas Style Council really recharged me. I’m super excited about blogging, work, and just life in general! Maybe there is something to be said for taking a mini vacation every so often……

I got dressed again!

Black and white pattern mixing

Top – Avenue (similar) | Leggings – Target | Shoes – Target (mine are black) | Necklace – Gift from Indiana | Lipgloss – Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in Galaxy

This outfit is nothing really special. Leggings and a tunic-y top is pretty much my weekday go to. However, it kind of signifies a bit of shift in my life right now. I mentioned last week that my depression was OUT OF CONTROL, but this week I’m definitely feeling better. I’m not wearing the same black slip on shoes I’ve worn for like the past 2 months straight; I actually put on makeup and lip gloss; I haven’t chopped off all my hair; I actually cared enough to take an outfit picture. But most importantly, I’M SMILING. Pretty exciting, right?

I bought these shoes as a pair of throwaway tennis shoes for my camping trip last week. I didn’t want to ruin my Converse or my slip ons, and I couldn’t find rain boots in all of Austin. I figured that if I ruined these shoes it would be okay; they were cheap and I wasn’t that attached to them. Luckily the didnt’ get ruined….. because I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! I love the black and white, and that polka dots. I want to wear them with every skirt I own, especially the striped ones. It’s my first real foray into pattern mixing, and I am loving it. I know the outfit is simple, but it’s simple and something I really like. For the last couple of months, my outfits were just a way to be clothed. This outfit is something I actually like and am excited to wear. Yay progress!

Check back on Friday for a new series I’m starting here on the blog!


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