Plus Size Outfit Post – Professional-ish

You know how you look in your closet on some random Tuesday and say to yourself “Damn, I have WAY TOO MANY CLOTHES!!” You vow to clean out your closet because you so obviously have way too many items that you never even wear.

Well friends, this is NOT one of those posts.

So I had this meeting/interview with a startup here in Austin. Now, normally when I meet with someone, it’s in a consultation capacity, where it’s okay to be more creative/casual since I’m in a creative field. But this was a pretty business-y company and I wanted to look professional. So I go to my closet to pull together a relatively professional outfit that is also a bit warm since it’s chilly…….. and I had NOTHING.

I went through every item I owned, trying to cobble together something that was warm, professional, and not awful looking. I’m not going to lie; it took FOREVER. Here’s what I finally came up with:

plus size outfit post - professionalish

Sweater – Old Navy (old) | Cami – Lane Bryant (similar) | Pants – Lane Bryant | Flats – Tory Burch (similar) | Owl necklace – gift | Lipstick – Party Proof in Dusk Til Dawn (Birchbox trio)

Don’t get me wrong; the outfit came together really well. I definitely like it, and I can also wear it with a pencil skirt, or switch the cardigan to a colorful one, or a black or gray one. But come one – this is just sad. It’s pretty much the closest I can get to professional, and it’s my only option. Obviously I’m not about to go work in corporate America, but I should have at least some professional options in my wardrobe, right??

Have you ever needed to put an outfit together for an occasion only to find that you have nothing that works?

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