Plus Size Outfit Post – Straight Up Savage

Many many moons ago, I mentioned that I had some new, more daring clothing that I wanted to wear out and about. The good news is that I do wear it! The bad news is that I don’t always photograph it. But I did finally photograph my Savage shirt!

The first time I wore this shirt out and about was to Blogathon back in January. The photographer was nice enough to take a picture of me, but didn’t get my whole outfit in the shot. It’s okay, I’ll save you the suspense; I wore all black. Black top, black skirt, black shoes. My hair was a wreck, I grabbed the wrong lipstick, and I had gotten my times mixed up and was 30 minutes late. Not a great start to the day, but at least I wore my shirt!

Plus Size Outfit_Savage

Top РSavage crop top from Rebdolls | Skirt Р Ashley Nell Tipton for JCPenney (old) | Shoes РTriple Decker Origami from Keds | Photo by Teeny Weenie!!

I pulled the shirt out a couple of more times, but I haven’t gotten really comfortable with wearing it. So I mixed it up a bit with an old favorite…….

Plus Size Outfit_Savage 2

Top – Savage Crop Top from Redbolls | Skirt – White tulle from Modcloth (old, similar) | Shoes – Platform sandal from Steve Madden (old, similar) | Photo by Adam Tilton

I almost didn’t post this because I am terrible at posing. But I’m working on it. Baby steps, right? Anyway, I dig this combination, especially for the summer. I gravitate towards wearing all black everything all the time. It’s nice to bust out of my safe zone every so often and be daring. I don’t wear this skirt enough, y’all. I love it so much, but I am a MAGNET for dirt and stains when I wear white. Let’s not forget, I managed to get black beans on my wedding reception dress. IS NOTHING SACRED????

I’m working on some new outfits for the blog, and I can’t wait to share them! Here’s a hint; I have one that I am referring to as my “Sporty Spice” look. So excited!!

Can you wear white without getting dirty? Tell me your secret!!!

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One response to “Plus Size Outfit Post – Straight Up Savage”

  1. I love it with the tulle skirt! It’s the perfect balance of romantic and, well, savage. Haha. You could always layer a denim jacket or anorak over the top but wear it open. Or really play up the savage-ness with studded Doc Martens, arrow jewelry, and distressed denim. Have fun with it!

    And no, I can’t wear white without getting dirty or spilling red wine or the like on it. Really I can’t function in public without spilling something on myself or tripping, no matter what color I’m wearing. Sigh.


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