Plus Size Outfit Post – Stripes and Chucks

It’s been FOREVER since I posted anything, let alone a plus size outfit post. Like at least 6 months……. or like 4 weeks……. WHATEVER, that’s way too long! To be honest, I just haven’t been getting dressed much. Work and my brain have kept me busy, and neither of those things are terribly conducive to me dressing like a normal person.

But today I went out with my mom and sisters to do a little pre-holiday madness shopping, and I didn’t want to scandalize them by looking like a hobo with no fashion sense. So I dressed myself like a fancy person. But not too fancy because shopping requires a lot of walking, and I need comfy shoes for all that.

plus size Outfit pic - stripes and chucks


Dress/skirt thing – Kiyonna (in navy and teal stripe)| Cardigan – Avenue (OLD) | Belt – Eloquii (OLD) | Converse – Nordstrom (in Navy) | Purse – Target (similar) | Lipstick – (Deeply in Mauve)

Pardon my hair which seems to be intent on going in at least 4 different directions. It’s so ambitious! I continue to find more and more way to style this skirt/dress piece. I love it so much, and am looking forward to trying it with a printed cardigan and boots as it gets even cooler here. I just got this purse, and I’m sooooo in love with it. This is the second Target purse I’ve purchased, and they have a done a great job holding up for the amount of time I want to use them. I usually stay interested in a purse for 6-9 months, and then get bored with it. I still have my bright pink one and it’s in good shape. I just really missed having something neutral and big to carry. Also, can we just take a HOT MINUTE to admire how my purse PERFECTLY matches my belt?? That’s called planning my friends.

After today’s shopping excursion, I’ll have some new outfits this week. My mom was kind enough to get me some AMAZING pants from Lane Bryant (you are NEVER too old to let your mom by you a present!) and I got some awesome leggings at Old Navy that I pinned last week. Hint; they are leopard, and they are MAGICAL.

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