Plus Size Outfit – Ruffle Sleeve Dress

Hi my name is Cathy, and this post is a week late. I would say that I’m sorry, but I’m really not. Life and work is hectic, and sometimes that means things get off-schedule. I’m learning to be okay with not being perfect. IT IS GLORIOUS!! You know what else is glorious? This ruffle sleeve dress!!

Facebook ads from my favorite stores get me all the time, y’all. I have a list on my phone of other stores I want to try out, but I always get sucked in by Lane Bryant and Zulily. And boy did LB get me good! I actually ordered 3 dresses from them. One fit perfectly (that one will be in a later post), but the other 2 just didn’t work. Luckily when I went to return them, the nice sales lady told me that one of the dresses was in store, and maybe I should try another size. I didn’t think that was the problem, so I humored her and was like “sure, I’ll try a size smaller.” SHE WAS TOTALLY RIGHT. I ordered it too big. This size changing thing is still new to me, so I’ll probably end up doing this a few several more times before my brain catches up to where my body is.

Ruffle Sleeve Dress Outfit

Ruffle Sleeve Dress

Dress – Flutter Sleeve Sweatshirt Dress, Lane Bryant | Shoes – Pink Metallic Vans, Nordstrom Rack (in store only – similar) | Earrings – Gold bow Kate Spade Earrings, Nordstrom Rack (in store only – similar

Ruffle Sleeve Dress - Pink Vans

Shoe close up!! So shiny…….

You might be wondering about those shoes. Well, here’s the story. (Sorry to my Instagram followers for hearing it a second time!) The day before Easter, I went out in search of Easter shoes. I was thinking I should get some cute flats or low wedges, so I would have some slightly dressier shoes to wear with all of my dresses, especially my Easter one. So I went to brave the Nordstrom Rack crowds on a Saturday, and when the dust cleared, I had pink metallic Vans. It’s time for me to accept that my feet and my closet just want sneakers. Dresses and sneakers are my life, and I really don’t want it any other way!

I’m so in love with this dress, y’all. It’s ridiculously comfortable, though I do worry about the material for the summer. It’s called a sweatshirt dress, but it’s really thin sweatshirt material. Still, Texas summers are no joke, so this might need to be an indoors only dress in the hot-as-hell months. But it’s soft, the perfect color for my neutral-loving heart, and goes with everything in my wardrobe. I love that I can layer it if I want (with a vest of a jacket), but it also looks great on its own. This will definitely be in heavy rotation this year!

I’ve also just learned that this ruffle sleeve dress style is also available in a t-shirt material with stripes. Damn you, Facebook ads!!!

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