Plus Size Outfit – Modcloth Stripes and Colors

Greetings, friends and readers! I’m excited to be writing again. Honestly, I’m excited to be doing anything again. I’ve been in a severe depression for a few weeks now (I wrote earlier about all of the loss I experience this year, and I think it finally caught up with me), and things are finally starting to turn around. I’m not 100% yet, but I’m getting back to myself. Thank goodness for medication and good therapists, and a very loving and supportive group of family and friends. So let’s talk about clothes!

A couple of months ago, I posted this photo on Instagram…..

Modcloth plus size dress

I attended Nicole’s book reading and Q&A (y’all, her Feel Good, Dress Better workbook is AMAZING. You should totally get it.) at Modcloth and of course ended up getting a cute dress for me. Technically, all of these colors are a bit of a departure for me, but I couldn’t resist this cute and comfy day dress.

Once I got it, I was in the beginning phases of my depression, and just didn’t have the heart to get dressed that much. So it sat in the closet, lonely and ignored. I felt guilty for not wearing it, but I felt even more guilty for trying to force myself to get dressed and be happy when I really wasn’t feeling it. Rock and a hard place, y’all. Rock and a hard place.

I finally had a marketing event to attend that was SUPER important to me, and I didn’t want to miss it. So I got myself dressed and looking like the confident ladyboss I knew I was deep down and took myself downtown. And I got some snaps of my dress before I left!

Modcloth plus size dress 2


Modcloth plus size dress 3

Dress – Modcloth | Shoes – Aldo via Nordstrom Rack (similar) | Lip Color – The Beauty Crop GRLPWR Liquid Lipstick in Imma Bawse via Birchbox

Though color isn’t my favorite thing to wear, I feel like this dress is the perfect compromise. The skirt is navy, and the top just has stripes of color. Even though it’s out of my comfort zone, it doesn’t really FEEL out of my comfort zone. Also, it’s totally comfortable and adorable! Modcloth just really gets me, y’all.

I’m also excited to finally be debuting my velcro shoes! These were a total impulse purchase at Nordstrom Rack, but I am so glad at I found them. At first I was like THESE ARE TOO COOL AND I’M NOT COOL ENOUGH TO WEAR THEM. But let’s be real; I’m not wearing them to be cool. I’m wearing them because they have gold accents and I hate tying shoes. I didn’t think it was possible to feel fancy in a velcro sneaker, but these shoes proved me wrong!

All in all, I felt like a badass lady boss in my outfit, and it really helped at the event. The red lipstick didn’t hurt either!

What outfit makes you feel your most powerful?

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  1. I’m glad you’re feeling supported and like you’re regaining your happiness and motivation. You’re so right that we can buy great pieces but lose the will to wear them, and then the guilt about not wearing them just feeds the feeling of overwhelm. You should be proud that you took the initiative to wear the dress on a day you needed to feel powerful. We often say that clothes help us feel powerful, but it sounds to me like you brought the power and determination that day. And I know you don’t love bright, bold colors, so I agree that this is a great compromise. The deeper hues and solid navy skirt make it feel much more approachable, even if it is still colorful!


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