Plus Size Outfit – Thanksgiving

Hello, my fabulous friends! It’s been a hot minute since I wrote a post, so I have to go back to few weeks……. to Thanksgiving!

It is a well-known fact that Thanksgiving requires stretchy clothes. You need room to move and breathe, and be completely unrestricted whether you are eating or napping. So my original Thanksgiving outfit plan was simple; stretchiest leggings, comfiest tunic, slip on Vans, and a cardigan vest. Easy and comfy and relatively cute. No brainer, right?



So I was finishing up my makeup, and I look over to see my husband looking like a million bucks. I mean dress pants, dress shirt, dress shoes, knee-length coat…… THE WORKS. After staring for about 17 seconds (he is ridiculously handsome after all) I was like WTF, dude?? I can’t go out in my all stretch, practically pajama ensemble with you looking like a catalog model! Stretchy Thanksgiving outfit, RUINED.

I needed a new outfit and I needed it fast. It had to be comfy and stretchy but still stylish. Luckily, I had just the pieces I needed in my closet. Check out my final look!

Thanksgiving Outfit featuring my husband (you might have seen part of this pic on Instagram!)

Plus size Thanksgiving outfit

Cardigan – Target (similar) | Dress – City Chic via Nordstrom (similar) | Boots – Frye via Nordstrom 

And a makeup closeup…..

Plus Size Thanksgiving Outfit Makeup

I don’t remember all of the makeup I used that day, but I know for sure that I used IT Cosmetics CC Cream for foundation, and ABH Liquid Lipstick in Craft for my lips!

The beauty of this outfit is that it LOOKS pulled together and fancy, but it’s actually ridiculously comfy! That dress is all stretch. I could nap in that dress, for real. But it’s a bodycon dress, and I was not about that Spanx life on Thanksgiving, so a flowy cardigan managed the lumps and bumps that I wasn’t prepared to share that day. And those boots are a couple of years old and totally broken in. They are the most difficult part of the ensemble because my heel always sticks when I try to put them on. Other than that, I was as comfortable as I was stylish. A win-win for my Thanksgiving day look!

**That being said, I was still a little miffed at my husband showing me up in the fashion department. Just wait until my next post about our holiday party looks. He literally took my breathe away being all cute and dapper!

What did you wear for Thanksgiving? How big was your food baby?

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  1. Awww you two look great! Hope your Thanksgiving was delicious and fun! I can already feel my waistbands getting tighter, so I’m trying to pack as many veggies and nutritious meals between all the feasts and sweets. I really like your outfit formula for Thanksgiving, especially the styling tip of layering a waterfall cardi over a tighter dress. Still polished and styled but super comfy too!


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