Plus Size Outfit – Universal Standard

Remember a while back when I was all excited about getting to check out the Universal Standard pop up here in Austin? And I said that I couldn’t wait to go and get some cool pieces? And then I didn’t say anything FOR MONTHS?? Well, I’m finally sharing one of my pieces!

I purchased the Rubicon Dress in Storm because I wanted to buy it in black, but I knew I didn’t need another black dress…… and I bought a black dress that day! (More on that in a later post) It’s structured, though loose, has buttons, and has long sleeves; all of which are out of my dressing comfort zone. That’s why I had to have it! I wanted to try it out, push my style, and get creative.

The perfect opportunity to wear it presented itself as a fancy party for a dear friend’s birthday. I was a little nervous to wear something so out of the ordinary for me, but I couldn’t be happier with the look!

Birthday Party Outfit with Universal Standard Dress

Universal Standard Rubicon Dress

Dress – Rubicon in Storm, Universal Standard | Vest – Target (old, similar) | Boots- Frye Veronica Slouch Boot, Wide-Calf, Nordstrom

Universal Standard Rubicon Dress

The event photographer was nice enough to snap an outfit pic for me!

Universal Standard Rubicon Dress_Makeup

It’s so frustrating that you can never see my eye makeup behind my glasses, but I swear it’s there! Lipstick is Thick As Thieves from Jeffree Star (limited edition)

I didn’t realize until after the fact, but I totally forgot to take a picture without the vest on! But I did really love wearing the dress. It has pockets, which is amazing, and it doesn’t feel fussy. With dresses that are more structured, I always feel like my dress is fussy and I have to fidget with it. I didn’t feel fidgety in this dress. The sleeves are a little weird, as I am not used to rolling sleeves. But after a few tries, I got them right and then just left them. They required virtually no fidgeting!

I got a lot of compliments on the dress, and I felt really good in it. I can’t wait to wear it again, maybe all on it’s own! I’m so weird about feeling like I need some kind of security blanket/sweater when I wear new stuff. I think this dress would be great on its own……. maybe with my gray Oxfords or loafers………

If you haven’t checked out Universal Standard, I cannot recommend it enough! Their pieces are amazing and versatile, and so well made. Worth every single penny! Plus they have something called Universal Fit Liberty on a bunch of their stuff. If you go up or down a size, they’ll replace it for free. How cool is that??

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