Ross Bennett + Blue Avocado = Men’s Accessory Greatness

Last week, I was super psyched to get invited to a launch party for Ross Bennett’s collection with Blue Avocado. Cliff’s Notes version – Ross is a super awesome Austin designer who’s amazing talent has taken him to TV (shout out to Fashion Star) and COTA (he designs for the fabulous Grid Girls). Now he’s partnered with Blue Avocado to create an eco-friendly line of men’s accessories that are…. well……. amazing!

RB display - cropped

I hope all my guy friends/family are okay with getting this stuff for Christmas!

The event was at Serve Gourmet. (Seriously, that store needs it own post. It is incredible! If you are in Austin, definitely check it out.) The founders of Blue Avocado were there, as was Ross and everyone was so awesome. This line is truly a meeting of the fashion and eco-friendly minds.

So many items are called organic and eco-friendly, but what does that really mean? The terms are often vague and un-specific. That’s the beauty of what Blue Avocado does; they take the nebulous idea of eco-fashion and they give it a tangible number. Every single item has a label with the number of recycled bottles used and the carbon footprint.

Often things that are eco-friendly are assumed to be cheap looking/feeling and not as fashionable. That’s where Mr. Bennett comes in. His line is not only great quality, but it’s freaking amazing looking! Everything comes in navy/red and stone/blue/green, and they are sturdy and well-made.

Here are my top three favorite items:

duffle 2

1. Travel Duffle. So many guys have ZERO overnight luggage. It’s either suitcase or backpack. This travel duffle is good looking, roomy, and a great carry on or day trip bag. Plus it folds away into that tiny bag. It’s magic!!

Messenger bag

2. Messenger Bag. This bag has the holy grail of messenger bag items: POCKETS! There is a pocket for everything and it’s light but strong. Plus it’s big enough for even a large, wide-screen laptop. Size matters people.

dopp kit full

3. Dopp Kit Travel Bag. The only thing worse than no overnight bag is no toiletries bag. You don’t want your razor touching your shoes, or your shampoo spilling on your clothes. This travel kit has a ton of space without being too big to comfortably fit in your carry on. Fashion and function!

Check out the entire collection here. Seriously, I can’t say enough about the greatness of Ross Bennett and Blue Avocado. Congrats on the amazing collection, and thank you for inviting me to check it out!

You can find Ross Bennett, Blue Avocado, and Serve Gourmet on Facebook – be sure to connect with them! 

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  1. Christine says:

    And hello Christmas gift for the man friend- what a great collection! Thanks for sharing.

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