Saturday Night Recap – Austin Fashion Week

Saturday was the first night I attended Austin Fashion Week events (for a great recap of Friday night kick off, check out Keep Austin Stylish) and I chose two events close to my heart.

First I headed over to the Fabricker to see my dear friend Lauren’s runway show. This was her first solo showing, and boy did she bring it. There are two things I really loved about her pieces. Number 1 – the color palette. She used such a fun fall set of colors – navy, shades of orange, browns, yellow….. they had a retro feeling without looking dated. There were more than a few pieces that were so reminiscent of one of my favorite lines, Halston. Number 2- the wearability. Sometimes the designers in Austin get so distracted by making their “art” – the fantastical pieces that show of their skills and creativity…. that have no place in a functional, everyday wardrobe. The  beauty of Lauren’s pieces is the fact that they are utterly wearable. Their is beauty and there is originality but that does not sacrifice the wearability of her pieces.  I know that not everyone is interested in making ready-to-wear, but come on – what’s the point of making clothes that no one can/wants to wear??

Dress by Lauren Perdue


On of my favorite dresses by Lauren Perdue


Lauren with her awesome models!


Fore more pictures, check out The Fabricker’s photos!

Next, I headed over to 50 Shades of Fashion show at Urban Betty Salon. I’ve been going there for almost a year (shout out to Mercedes!!) and the owner Chelle is a friend so of course I had to stop by. I loved that the event had a dress code – shades of black, white or gray. There was a giftbag that you could get with a donation to Lone Star Paralysis, drinks flowing, a silent auction and some beautiful jewelry from local designers. I was mainly there to have fun, and saw my lovely friend Stephanie there. If you ever meet her, you should smell her – she smells AMAZING. She has her own line of natural perfumes and always smells so pretty without it being overpowering. Anyhow, the 50 Shades of Fashion event was so much fun! So fun in fact, I didn’t take a single picture except for the ones of Stephanie and I (actually taken by my friend David) so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Yay I dressed myself for an event!


Me and Stephanie and her awesome red lipstick!

Even though I only planned 4 events, I will be stopping by the Neiman Marcus show this evening. They always do a great job of predicting fall trends, so I really want to see what they have in store (I’m so punny!!) this evening!

Are you going to any Fashion Week events? Share your stories and/or pictures in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter. I hope to see you out and about!


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