What Can Cathy360 Do For You?

Every company has different needs and a different journey to travel with their digital marketing work. Cathy360 is here to help you get where you want to be from wherever you are.
  • Need help getting started?
  • Have your social properties set up but have no idea what to do with them?
  • Unsure of how to reach your goals? Not sure how to even set goals?
  • Happy with your current strategy, but want to know what’s next?

We can help you with all of that and so much more!

Audit Services

You’ve got a good thing going. Your social properties are up and running, and you are keeping up with regular posts and even some ads! Your email newsletter goes out monthly/quarterly and you get some clicks from it. Everything is on auto-pilot and nothing is causing any trouble. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right??

That is the PERFECT time for an audit! Having a fresh pair of eyes on your current strategy can give you new ideas and new insights that translate to more conversions, more leads, and more customers.

Audits We Offer

  • Social Media Properties
  • Email Marketing (lists and content)
  • Facebook/Instagram ads
  • Content (written and visual)


Digital Marketing Strategy

We’ve done the audit, and we’ve got some amazing data. We used that data to guide us in creating some actionable and reachable goals. What’s next?

Using all the information we’ve gather and created, I will create a comprehensive strategy to ensure you meet and exceed your goals. 

Goal Setting

Before you can tell if your digital marketing is “working,” you need to have a solid understanding of what success looks like. We’ll set clearly defined and actionable goals to ensure that our work is helping you meet your objectives.

Strategy Solutions We Offer

  • Social Media – utilizing the proper platforms to reach your audience
  • Content Marketing – creating timely and engaging content to be shared on various platforms
  • Email Marketing – creating and utilizing a list of qualified leads to keep in regular contact with
  • Paid Social Advertising – Creating ad campaigns to drive awareness, leads, and conversions
  • Reporting and Analytics – Measurements of our efforts to ensure we’re meeting our goals


Implementation Services

You’ve got it all; strategy, goals, and even some ideas for content! But you are lacking on critical component – IMPLEMENTATION!

The last and most crucial step in your digital marketing is taking all of the ideas and content and planning and putting it to work. Cathy360 has the knowledge, tools, and expertise to put your plans into action!

Implementation Services We Offer

  • Social Media Scheduling – schedule and optimize content for each social platform
  • Written Content Creation – writing, editing, sourcing images, and uploading of written content
  • Visual Content Creation – create and/or source images and visuals
  • Moderation – Responses to social engagement
  • Data Collection – Update all spreadsheets with analytics data

We can recommend tools for your company to purchase for use for your content and scheduling, or we can add the use of our business tools to your contract.