Shoes Are My Achilles Heel

That sounds dramatic, right? But more than anything, shoes are my biggest weakness! I know what you are thinking. You are like, Cathy you buy lip colors and markers way more than you do shoes. Friend, I know!! But that’s the point. I try to avoid shoes at all costs because I will go totally overboard when I get in shoe buying mode. Case in point……

I know I’m super late to this party, but the Keds x Rifle Paper Co collab is beyond adorable. Somehow I missed that this happened until they went on sale. In hindsight that’s probably a good thing. Because as soon as I saw those shoes, I was a goner. It started with one pair……

Anchor Vintage Blossoms – Keds

I wear a lot of solid, neutral colors. I like my outfits to be simple and classic and not too fussy. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love color and pattern! My struggle is that plus size clothing tends to be really over the top with patterns and colors and embellishments. It’s either super basic or extra AF. So I keep my clothes simple and try to find other ways to add details. These shoes go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe and they are just so damn pretty! The color, the floral print, the gold tipped laces …… they are PERFECT! Also, they are Keds so they are super comfy. So I thought (hoped) that was it. I got a cute pair and I was happy. But then………

Triple Cross Jersey in Light Gray | Triple Decker Forest in Blush

Y’all, I have no idea what happened to my self control. For some reason, as soon as I start getting new shoes, I literally CANNOT stop. I decide I’m bored with all of my shoes, and they need to be replaced. I am a big fan of the one in/one out system, so I’ll definitely be getting rid of some shoes this week. These two slip on pairs fit my style so well. I love simple slip on shoes, as is evidenced by my abundance of Vans. Plus those blush color ones are so gorgeous and fancy! But let’s be honest; I don’t really need more sneakers. I have very very very few dressy shoes, and I tend to stick to Vans and sneakers for everyday wear. But I suppose that fits my life. I have a really casual day-to-day life; no fancy events, no work dress code. So I suppose it could be worse. I could be buying tons of fancy shoes that I never wear!

I promised myself that I was finished buying shoes, however I am in need of new workout shoes. My old ones are totally done; I even rolled my ankle because they’ve given up on life. But after that, I swear I am through!!

For now……..

What are your go-to shoes? What’s your shopping Achilles Heel?

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