Shopping and Styling With Annie!

When I started my blog, it really was just a hobby and a creative outlet. I loved clothes and I loved style and I wanted to share it with the world. Little did I know that it would lead to my career path and the beginning of another business venture – personal shopping!

It’s always a HUGE honor when people want to shop with me. I don’t like to think of myself as a stylist; I’m more like your style cheerleader. I want to help you try new things and find the confidence in dressing how you feel.

I was super lucky to get to shop recently with Annie. I’ve known her for a couple of years via social media, and she’s pretty much the cutest sweetest person I know. She’s seriously smart, and has been working for herself as a programmer since graduation. Recently, the sweet siren song of an awesome startup called to her, and she is now working in an office. Of course, Austin offices (especially the cool startups) are generally quite laidback, so Annie didn’t need a business wardrobe. She was looking for some help finding fun, casual pieces that were a bit different, more creative, and perhaps a little more grown up than her college and work-from-home duds.

First let me say this; there is a whole lot of NOTHING wrong with any of her clothes. After going through her closet, we found a few things she didn’t really like, and a few things that were getting old. But for the most part is was full of reliable, good clothes. But that’s why I was there; to help her bring some fun and some life into her clothes. Annie needed some new pieces that are a vibrant and full of life as she.

Annie pic 4
See what I mean? Nothing wrong – nice jeans, cute top. 

So here was our mission: Find some different (NOT bootcut) jeans, some cute tops, and MAYBE a dress. Off to the mall we went!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was going on so we went there first. We did some preliminary trying on to get her sizes and then started trying some jeans. She found some awesome skinny jeans as well as some cute tops and a fun cardigan for the always-freezing office. The day started out so well!

After that we hit LOFT, and boy was that awesome. She got a couple of adorable dresses there and I was so proud of her for trying on new things that she normally avoided.

It’s not everything, but here are some of the great pieces she went home with.

Annie pic 2
This dress fit her like a glove and was just the right length. She can wear it alone at work in the summer, or do some layering when it gets cooler….. if that ever happens…….

Annie pic 1
Even though the jeans were a bit long, I love the way she cuffed them! These are super comfy and the dark wash can be casual or dressy. And can we all take a moment to appreciate her adorable polka dot shirt? Seriously, it doesn’t get much cuter than that!

Annie pic 3
My favorite find of the day, and my favorite picture! This simple pink dress absolutely transformed her. It was the piece we found that made her FEEL as beautiful as she looked. She is simply stunning.

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed getting to shop with Annie. She found things that will mix into the wardrobe she has and are a great start to updating her look. She is so lovely and sweet and bubbly and freaking gorgeous, so shopping with her was so much fun.

Thanks Annie!!

Interested in some shopping help? Need a closet analysis and some style tips? Check out my personal shopping page for more info!

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