My Shopping Cart + Giveaway Winner

If you are here to find out if you won a coloring book, scroll to the end – the winners are there!

Being a grown up is equal parts awesome and hard. It’s awesome because I know how much money I get to spend on myself every month. It’s hard because I can blow through that amount pretty quickly. So I try to be responsible with my purchases.  The hardest part is limiting myself to only 1 or 2 lip colors a month so I have money left over for actual clothes. This month, I managed to do it! Here’s what I put in my shopping cart this month.

September Shopping Cart

I was super excited about Project Runway Winner Ashley Nell Tipton’s first capsule collection with JC Penney. As my style has become a little more subdued, I was worried there wouldn’t be anything in her collection for me, but I was pleasantly surprised!

shopping cart -ant-box-pleat-skirt

ANT Box Pleat Skirt in Black

shopping cart - ant-long-sleeve-button-down-crop

ANT Long Sleeve Button Down Crop Top in Black Lipstick Print (they are little lipsticks!!)

shopping cart - ant-quilted-pencil-skirt

ANT Quilted Pencil Skirt in Black

Because ANT’s style is known for colors (especially pastels), prints, and very feminine silhouettes, I was unsure if there would be anything I’d actually wear. Don’t get me wrong; I love the stuff she makes. It’s just not my personal style. But I found some great pieces! I love the little lipstick pattern so much; it’s black which I love, and the print is kitschy without being overpowering. I’ve also been looking for a couple of skirts to go with my more colorful tops (and by colorful I mean gray and black/white striped). I can’t wait until this gets here so I can try it all out!

shopping cart -eileen-fisher-dress

Eileen Fisher Bateau Neck Cap Sleeve Dress in Black (only available in red and blue)

Thanks for my fabulous friend Annette, and amazing blogger buddy Grechen, I am absolutely obsessed with Eileen Fisher. Her pieces speak to my neutral/classics loving heart; they are beautifully made and impossibly chic. I totally admit that her stuff is pricey, but it’s worth it. Not only will they last, but they’ll stay in style forever. Since I am so drawn to easy shapes and neutral colors right now, this dress caught my eye every time I was on the Nordstrom site….. which is pretty often. When I saw it go on sale, I jumped on it. Then, during checkout, I realized I had 2 Nordstrom notes – even more savings! I ended up getting this dress for under $100 which is no small feat. I can’t wait to try it with my flatform sandals for the rest of the summer, then layer it up with boots in the winter!

I would like to think that I’m finished shopping for the fall/winter, but I know better. There are a few items I want from ellos, as well as some items I have my eye from the RebDolls basics collection, as well as some things from Your Big Sister’s Closet. Sometimes I think I should get another job just to pay for my clothes habit……..

Now for the big annoucement……. COLORING BOOK WINNERS!!!!

Congratulations to DMLW and Ilene Gjurset Mundell!! Y’all each win a free coloring book. I will be in touch via email to get your prizes to you.

Thanks to all who entered! Be sure to check out Wendy Piersall’s other coloring books; every single one is amazing!!

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