Shopping Haul – Nordstrom’s Winter Sale

There are a lot of things that make me happy. Time with my family, hanging with my huge pile of fluff (my cat Widget), a good book, time with the boyfriend, a well-written thank you note, and so on. But nothing – NOTHING – gives me the same fluttery, excited feeling as the phrase NORDSTROM SALE. Yeah, I know I have a problem. And I’m sure I need help. But for now just let me bask in my Nordstrom sale haul okay?? (Man, y’all are killjoys.)

Anyhow, I had a Nordstrom Note burning a hole in my pocket. Thanks to my holiday shopping (shout out to Nordstrom Rack!!) I managed to rack up a ton of points and get a reward. Couple that with some sweet winter sales and I scored some great stuff! Let’s take a look shall we?

Jessica Simpson Dorris Embellished Top


Dorris Embellished Top – Jessica Simpson

Back in the day, I was ashamed to be seen buying/wearing Jessica Simpson shoes. Now, I openly embrace my love of her stuff. Not only is it cute and a well priced, but she’s actually making plus sizes! You’ve won my heart Jessica 🙂

Sejour Mixed Media Top


Mixed Media Top – Sejour

I’ve started to notice a trend in my clothes lately, and that trend is black and gray. The BF wear a ton of black and gray, and I’m starting to think he’s rubbing off on me. Whatevs, it’s the greatest neutral color COMBO ever. This will go so well with my pink and gray Vans!

Wit and Wisdom stretch jeans

Stretch Jeans – Wit & Wisdom

Pants are always hit and miss with me. I have exactly one pair of jeans I like, and they aren’t even jeans. They are supposed to be pull on jeggings, but I got them too big, and the legs are too wide. I was too lazy to return them so I turned them into cute boyfriend jeans! But I need some actual pants. These look nice and hopefully will fit well. Plus they are black. I hate the color of most jeans; they are never dark enough.

Sejour mixed media top - front and back


Lace Back Jersey Tee – Sejour (front and back view)

I got this shirt in the purple color on the left, but I had to show the back panel – it’s so fancy! Plus, I didn’t want you to think I just got another plain shirt. They were out of gray (you know that was my first choice) so I’m looking forward to having some new color in my closet.

I know all of these tops are tunicy and flowy, but that’s because I don’t get all that dressed up. It’s all leggings or pencil skirts and skinny jeans over here. Plus, if they tops are long enough, I can dispense with pants all together! My ultimate life goal is to spend as much time pantsless as possible. Only God can judge me!! (Miley says so.)

So what do you think of my winter haul? Have you picked up anything from the Winter Sale? It’s happening right now!


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