Shopping Season for Shoes

I was cleaning my closet a couple of weeks ago (a miracle, I know) and I noticed that I was lacking in the shoe department. I have a decent number of shoes, but I’m definitely dwindling on shoes I actually wear. I have some flats that are getting really old and need to be replaced, a couple of pairs that just don’t fit right and I never wear, and some holes in my shoe wardrobe in general. So I did a little  online window shopping – my favorite kind! – and found some shoes that I would love to add to my shoe wardrobe.

Flat casual shoes

1. Digi Leopard Slip-On – Vans | 2. Floral Dots Slip-On – Vans | 3. TOMS Suede Brogue Oxford in Grey – Nordstrom | Steve Madden Ecentrcq Sneaker in Wine – Nordstrom

I’m gonna be super honest here; I LOVE wearing sneakers…… even with skirts and dresses! That’s right I said it. I’m a huge fan of Vans slip-ons because they take all of the guesswork out of putting on shoes. I have one pair currently, and they are on their last legs. The brogues are just so much fun. I would love to pair these with skinny pants or a pencil skirt. And the Steve Madden shoes actually come in six colors (Gold, Black, Wine, Blush, Pewter, and Dark Blue) and I WANT THEM ALL.


1. Bearpaw Knit Sweater Bootie in Grey – DSW | Dirty Laundry Chickadee Bootie in Taupe – DSW

I know that boot season is almost over. But I don’t care; I LOVE IT! (Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs if you can tell me what song that’s from!) I love sweater booties. They are like the unholy offspring of shoes and slippers, but not as sweaty as Uggs. And I had some cute grey booties, but I messed up the heel when I fell in hole. So obviously, some new ones are in order.


1. Soft Walk Napa Flat in Luggage/Black – Nordstrom | Lucky Brand Eadda Flat in Luxe Leopard – Nordstrom | Halogen Gala Round Toe Flat in Black Quilted Leather – Nordstrom

My flats used to take up 80% of my shoe wardrobe. It was my go-to shoe for work and for events. But I don’t manage events anymore, and I don’t work in an office. Consequently, my flats collection has dwindled, and frankly, I’m disappointed in myself. All three of these come a variety of colors, and I love all of them. I’d have to try them on to see which ones I like the best, but I would totally buy it in multiple colors.

 What shoes do you want to add to your wardrobe?

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2 responses to “Shopping Season for Shoes”

  1. Leigh Ann says:

    I have wanted some sweater booties SO BAD this year, but haven’t made it happen yet. I just want something I can slip on on cold morning to take the kids to school. I’m too lazy most mornings for running shoes and my TOMs aren’t exactly warm.

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