Skincare Junkie Spills Her Secrets!

I’ve been promising this skincare post since I posted this image and on Instagram back at the beginning of May….

Has it really been since May?? Maybe it’s time for an updated glowy selfie……

It is no secret that I’m totally obsessed with skincare. I’ve written about it a few times, along with some posts about my favorite makeup products and looks. The last time I wrote about skin care was quite a while back, and it was lumped in with makeup. So I think it’s finally time for skincare to get its own glorious post!

Skincare Junkie_Glowy Skin

More recent glowy skin!

The number one question I get is “What do you use on your skin?” I am going to tell you everything I use, but keep in mind that these are products that work for me and my skin type. My best “secret” is actually two things and you are going to roll your eyes so hard when you read them because you’ve heard them a million times…..

  1. Be consistent. Commit to taking time for your skin every single day.
  2. Drink water. You don’t have to be as extra as me (I drink 80-100 ounces of water a day) but hydration is insanely important for your skin, especially as you age. DRINK ALL THE WATER.

So let’s get into what I actually use on my face!

Skincare Junkie – Double Duty Products

Skincare Junkie - double duty

Thayers Witch Hazel, Target | 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream, Amazon

I use both of these products twice a day. The witch hazel is my toner and it goes on first, both morning and night. Next, I do my eye cream, both morning and night. I am super lucky to not have majorly dark circles under my eyes, so this eye cream gives me just the pick-me-up I need. And witch hazel is super gentle and doesn’t dry out my already dry skin. The best part of these two products? They are super affordable! I try to save money where I can on my skincare since some of the stuff I use is pricey but worth it!

Skincare Junkie – Morning Products

Skincare Junkie - Morning Products

Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream, Sephora | Elta MD UV Daily SPF 40 Facial Sunscreen, Amazon | Youth to the People Superfood Firm and Brighten Vitamin C Serum, Sephora

These are the products I use before I put my makeup on. The toner and eye cream are on, so next comes the serum. I just settled on this one a couple of weeks ago, and I am already seeing a difference. I’m super duper lucky to not have to worry about wrinkles (YET) so my main concern is keeping my skin bright and even toned. Oh, and shrinking my gigantic pores. This serum is amazing and magical and I’m already hooked. Next is my moisturizer. I started using this at the recommendation from the awesome lady at Sephora; I like the Tatcha Water Cream, but it was pricey as hell. She said this is a similar formula for literally half the price. I’ve been super happy with how well it hydrates my skin! Last (and most important) is my sunscreen. No matter what the weather is like, I put sunscreen on my face every single day. When I was getting my face wedding ready at The Piazza Center, this is the sunscreen my skincare specialist recommended, and I’ve used it ever since. It is absolutely the best, has no smell or white residue and is a solid SPF. I have not had a burn or a tan on my face in YEARS and I’m very happy about that.

Skincare Junkie – Night Products

Sincare Junkie - Night Products

CeraVe  Skin Renewing Night Cream, Target | Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Nordstrom

I’m putting cleansers in another section, so let’s just pretend my face is clean! So it’s night time, I have my toner and eye cream done, so next up is my serum. I got a sample of this serum in a Birchbox a while back, and I fell so in love with it. If you have oily skin, I don’t advise trying it because it is all about rehydrating dry skin. But in the morning, my skin feels so good and smooth and alive. It’s a holy grail product for me! Last, I do my night cream. This CeraVe was an accidental find; I bought it to tide me over when I ran out of my last product but didn’t love it enough to buy again. So I grabbed this to use while I researched to find a better one. Turns out, this was the better one! I appreciate a substantial night cream because that is when my skin is repairing itself. In order to give it all the help I can, I tend to go for night creams that are thick and healing. I dig it a lot and am stoked that it has a drugstore price tag.

Skincare Junkie – Cleaners and Miscellaneous Products

Skincare Junkie_Misc

Neogen Dermatology Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling, Sephora |  Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser, Nordstrom | Garnier Micellar Water, Target | Root Beer Velour Lip Scrub, Jeffree Star | Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, Sephora | Various Sheet Masks, Sephora 

For cleaning off my makeup in the evening, I use micellar water. It’s inexpensive and gets my skin squeaky clean! Also, I don’t have to get my whole face wet which I HATE doing. When I shower in the morning, I use my Kiehl’s cleanser in the shower. I know some people say you shouldn’t use hot water to wash your face, so I do turn it lukewarm when I rinse. This cleanser isn’t much more expensive than a drugstore brand, and I feel like my skin is clean and soft after I use it which makes me very happy! I hate when my cleanser strips my skin and leaves it feeling dry. Twice a week, I use the lip mask while I sleep and it is AMAZING! I wear a lot of matte lip colors, and my lips can get pretty gross and dried out. This is like a super duty healing balm. Also, it smells like watermelon and feels really good on. I also use the bio-peel pads twice a week in the shower. It’s a chemical exfoliator that you just rub on your face then dispose of the pad. It has helped the texture of my skin immensely, and it doesn’t burn or tingle or anything! I also do a lip scrub twice a week just to get rid of the dead skin that inevitably builds up at my lips. My scrub tastes so delicious, it’s a struggle not to lick it all off! Once a week, I do a sheet mask for funsies. I love a good sheet mask, and I find that I like the formulas and price point of the Sephora masks. My favorites are the pearl and the aloe vera ones!

So that’s it! Those are all of my secrets and products. Wow, when I write it all out, it really looks like a lot. But I swear it doesn’t take a ton of time.

What are your favorite products and rituals?

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