Social Media Pet Peeves

Yay it’s my first social media post! I know it’s not best to start off with a complaint, but this has been rattling around in my head forever, and I need to share it. It’s too long for a tweet or a Facebook post, so here goes……


From Eloquent Science. Prepare yourselves…..

One of my biggest pet peeves is something that has become a common practice among social media “managers.” I say “managers” because I feel if someone were truly a professional, they wouldn’t fall into this trap. The thing that bugs me is the “Like my new page!” plea. You know what I’m talking about; you get that notification and/or FB message (sent to a HUGE list) saying “Hey you, check out my new client! I’m managing their social media, so please like their page. Thanks!” This is wrong on so many levels, but I’m going to break it down to three main reasons.

1. I am not your audience. Sooooo, you are managing social properties for an awesome new bar. As exciting as that is, what makes you think I’m your target audience? Do I spend a lot of time at bars? Do I go out frequently? If you look in my Instagram feed, will you see pics from my wild nights out and the shots I’m about to consume? No???? Then why are you inviting me to like the page? Chances are good, I’m never going to interact, I will not be participating in any events (mass event invitations are for another post), and I will not be reposting any promos for an upcoming party evening. If anything, I will just drive down your EdgeRank score as a member of the page that never engages.

2. You are ruining your network. If you find yourself reaching out to your network for likes every single time you have a new client, you are quickly going to find that responses dry up, and no one sees your posts in their feed….. because they’ve hidden you. Hitting your friends/colleagues/acquaintances up for likes is not a sound strategy for growth. It’s annoying and spammy.

3. You are missing the point. Hopefully, you and your client set some goals for your social strategy. Sometimes it’s “help me generate sales leads” or “get more names on my email list” or even “establish me as a thought leader in my sector or city.” Unless their goal is “get a ton of likes whether or not they are interested” you are missing the mark. Randomly asking a ton of people to like the page will definitely give you a little boost in likes. However, it will not get you engaged followers that care about your client.

Does this mean you can’t invite people you know to like the page? Of course not! You can absolutely share the page on your timeline and invite people to like it. Or you can send a few personal messages to friends that are interested in that topic/business. But trust me; just inviting everyone to like your page does nothing but give a false sense of user increase. Likes DO NOT equal engagement.

What do you think? Do you hit up your friends to like pages?

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