State of the Union Address

I feel like I haven’t written in forever…… probably because I haven’t written in forever. There’s been a lot of stuff going on with work and clients, as well as life stuff in general. So basically, I let the blog take a back seat. But things are getting a little less crazy and more orderly, so I figured I’d do a State of the Union to let you know what’s been up with me.

me everyday

My current everyday look.

Outfits. I really haven’t been getting dressed much lately. And when I do, it’s to run errands in the afternoon and any pictures I take look awful in mid-afternoon light. So I end up just not posting anything. Sad but true 🙁

So much awesome and fancy stuff!

So much awesome and fancy stuff!

Makeup. The fine folks at Birchbox were nice enough to declare me the winner of this Birchbox bloggers giveaway of Cynthia Rowley’s new collection, and it is MAGNIFICENT. I haven’t done as much with the eye make up as I would like to, but the lip stains are amazing, and the eyeliners and freaking awesome! Now if only I cold learn to do eyeshadow….. and liquid eyeliner…..

Food. After about 4 total months of no working stove, we finally have a brand new stove and oven! This means I no longer have an excuse to not really learn how to cook. I’m starting pretty easy, and you could probably say I’m not really “cooking” but just mixing things together and heating them in the oven or on the stove. But hey, that’s a start right?? So far, I’ve made 2 meals and I’m cooking again tonight. So a lot of my free time has been taken up with trolling Pinterest for ALL THE RECIPES.

Random thoughts. Why do excercise routines hate women’s bodies? I love pinning workout routines (the shorter the better) on Pinterest (which totally counts as working out right??) but I am increasingly disturbed by the names. They are all “BLAST your arm jiggle” and “MELT your thighs” or “SHRED your abs” and “BURN those love handles” and “BANISH back fat” or “KILLER leg workout!” IS it just me or are all of those words extremely unpleasant? I don’t want to do mean, awful things to my body. I don’t want to melt it or banish it or do anything to it that might be killer. Isn’t exercising supposed to be a good thing for your body? Isn’t taking care of it showing love? From now on, I think I’ll stick to workouts that use words like “Strengthen” or “Tone” or even “Work.” But no more workouts that imply that parts of my body should die a violent and unpleasant death. Or be banished. That’s just rude.

The colors..... I think...

The colors….. I think…

Wedding. There is a lot to be done for a wedding! Yeah, I know everyone knows that, but I never really believed it until now. I thought we had a wedding venue, but it’s just not big enough. So we’ve done some venue hunting, and I think we found one we really like. We’ve picked the colors, we’ve picked a date (November 7, 2015) and we’ve picked our ridiculously enormous wedding party. I think it’s going to be a whole lot of of fun 🙂

So that’s all the stuff happening right now. I’ll do my best to take some outfit pictures because I’ve gotten some cute Gwynnie Bee stuff that I forgot to photograph. New stuff is on the way and I will definitely be taking pictures of that!

Soooooo what’s up in your world??