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Plus Size Outfit: Blue Dress and Body Changes

Before we get into this weekend’s outfit post, I wanted to quickly address something that I’ve been getting some questions about. I’m talking about body changes, y’all. Yes, I am losing weight. Yes, it is now becoming pretty evident in my pictures and clothes. I’m not really super comfortable talking about it yet, because it’s […]

Plus Size Outfit – Matrix Chic

Today’s outfit is a bit of a departure from my usual post. Usually when I do a plus size outfit post, it’s because I really liked an outfit. But sometimes the best-intentioned outfits don’t quite come together as planned. But you are running late, so you just have to roll with them! I was super […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – Who’s The Boss?

This week’s plus size outfit post is actually last week’s plus size outfit post. I had been wanting to put together an outfit with the awesome blue skirt I got for my Halloween costume. I was Tina from Bob’s Burgers!   How do you think I did? If you don’t know who Tina is, you […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – Mad SWAG

Two plus size outfit posts for the price of one! I haven’t been getting dressed up all that often recently, and I doubt you want to see my endless variations of comfy shorts and t-shirts. And I when I do get dressed, I almost always forget to ask Adam to take my picture. But I […]

My Tuesday Shopping Cart – Christmas Cocktail Parties

I don’t know if I’ve really mentioned this, but I recently got laid off. Nothing dramatic or ugly – just a company that needed to save money. I’m not hurt or upset – we parted on great terms and I wish them nothing but the best. However, I have now been gypped out of my […]

Interview Attire

So, I’ve been at my job for about seven months. I do some social media and a ton of community management and I love it. Well, on Friday I was laid off. Nothing bad – strictly a money/restructuring thing. I am sad to be leaving my friends, but I’m parting on great terms. Onward and […]