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Plus Size Outfit – Client Christmas Party

I’m so envious of people that get to go to multiple fancy holiday parties! There are many awesome things about being self-employed, but one of the drawbacks is no fancy parties. Luckily, my husband’s company has a fancy party every year! How do I ensure it’s fancy? Simple, I plan it! No joke, they are […]

All White (Almost) Everything

There are few universal truths in my life. One is that if there’s an animal at a party, I will seek it out and make friends with it. Another is that when someone sees my tattoos for the first time, they will always ask “Oh, are you a Scorpio?” And the last is that, if […]

Owl Dress and Easter Vigil Mass

It’s only taken me like a whole extra week to get this post done, but hey, I have a very busy life. Running my cat’s Instagram account takes a lot of time! My family is big on church. We’re super Catholic (I even got married in the church!) and we always go to Easter Vigil […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – Dresses From Friends

Whew, it has been a minute since I posted! Now that smoke has cleared from wedding, moving, thank you notes, and getting settled, I found my life to be rather…… normal. To most people that would be a nice thing. But it’s a little unsettling for me. My life used to be all drama and […]

Plus Size Outfit Post and COLORING BOOK WINNER!!

Let’s start off with the most important piece of information: WHO WON THE COLORING BOOKS????? Well, a big congratulations to Micki Krieger – you totally won!! I’ll be emailing you to let you know how to get your books. Thanks to all who entered!! Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – Holiday Party Hotness

Why yes, I am referring to myself with the title of this post. My super adorable husband and I (OMG I HAVE A HUSBAND!) went to his company holiday party back in December, and I totally forgot to write a plus size outfit post about it! So here it is! If you follow me on […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – Season’s Tweetings From Yours Clothing

I have been soooooo excited to share this outfit, but the Texas weather was NOT cooperating! Christmas week was unseasonably warm, so wearing a big heavy sweater was pretty much out of the question. But I made it work! And this might be my favorite plus size outfit post of the season! So you might […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – All Black Christmas and No Nonsense Review

Christmas is always a big deal in my family. Every year, we go to Mass together on Christmas Eve, then return to my grandparent’s house to say the rosary (we’re good Catholics) and eat tamales (we’re also good Mexicans) and open gifts. It’s a special tradition that we’ve be doing for my entire life, and […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – Black and Gray and Red All Over

I know everyone wants to see the bridal pictures (and all of my bridal outfits!!) but they aren’t back from the photographer yet. But I promise I will share it all as soon as they are in! In the meantime……. I TOOK AN OUTFIT PICTURE. That’s right; not only am I posting twice in 7 […]