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Plus Size Outfits – Dressing Up And Self Care

When I’m down – like REALLY down – it’s hard for me to care for myself. Everyday tasks are tough, and sometimes just taking a shower seems like a marathon. Self care generally goes out the window pretty quickly, which means makeup and dressing up are pretty far down the list as well. But I’m […]

Everyday Dress From Eshakti

There are many places I love to shop, and I talk about them all the time! Lovesick, Rebdolls, Nordstrom, etc. But one place that I don’t talk about enough is Eshakti. I have many of their dresses, and each one is amazing. And you know what makes them amazing? Three things that come to mind: […]

Owl Dress and Easter Vigil Mass

It’s only taken me like a whole extra week to get this post done, but hey, I have a very busy life. Running my cat’s Instagram account takes a lot of time! My family is big on church. We’re super Catholic (I even got married in the church!) and we always go to Easter Vigil […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – All Black Christmas and No Nonsense Review

Christmas is always a big deal in my family. Every year, we go to Mass together on Christmas Eve, then return to my grandparent’s house to say the rosary (we’re good Catholics) and eat tamales (we’re also good Mexicans) and open gifts. It’s a special tradition that we’ve be doing for my entire life, and […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – A Little Black Dress Goes A Long Way

As I mentioned in my previous plus size outfit post, I have been feeling my look lately. That is awesome for two reasons: It means my depression has eased enough to where I feel good about ME again!! I can get creative with my clothes, shoes, makeup, and accessories again! Needless to say, I’ve been […]

Bridal Shower Fashion and Life As I Know It

Hello friends! It’s been a while, right? Well, have no fear. I’m gonna get you all caught up on the craziness of my life, then I’m going to show you the awesome things I wore for my two bridal showers! First, I got sick a little over a month ago. Like, REALLY SICK. Like at […]

All I Want for Christmas…..

It’s that time of year friends. The time where everyone and their grandma asks you “Hey, what do you want for Christmas?” Whether it’s a family member, a parent, a friend, a coworker, a significant other, or a pen pal, everyone is looking for some guidance on what to get for you. Well in a […]

My Monday Shopping Cart – Wedding Dresses

That title freaked you out a little didn’t it?? Don’t worry, I don’t mean bridal wedding dresses – I mean dresses for me to wear as a guest to a wedding! My friend Rachel is getting married at the end of May and I will be attending. It’s an evening wedding and while it’s not […]

My Monday Shopping Cart

Sometimes I wish my shopping wasn’t so all over the place. I wish I was one of those people that shopped in an organized manner; you know, they look for certain items and focus only on those. Not me – I just look at whatever catches my eye and then Pin it or post it […]