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All White (Almost) Everything

There are few universal truths in my life. One is that if there’s an animal at a party, I will seek it out and make friends with it. Another is that when someone sees my tattoos for the first time, they will always ask “Oh, are you a Scorpio?” And the last is that, if […]

Shopping Season for Shoes

I was cleaning my closet a couple of weeks ago (a miracle, I know) and I noticed that I was lacking in the shoe department. I have a decent number of shoes, but I’m definitely dwindling on shoes I actually wear. I have some flats that are getting really old and need to be replaced, […]

Outfit Post – Gwynnie Bee Why Are You So Good To Me?

Obviously, I only get dressed these days when Gwynnie Bee sends me awesome stuff. Luckily, they pretty much only send awesome stuff! Here’s my latest arrival: Dress – American Rag Short Sleeve A-Line Dress (c/o Gwynnie Bee) | Shoes – Nine West | Purse -Steve Madden via Nordstrom Rack | Owl necklace – who knows, […]

Outfit Post – Gwynnie Bee Dress and New Shoes

I did a post last week about my box from Gwynnie Bee (also referred to as My Personal Clothing Heaven) and showed a quick picture of each piece. Well I love each dress so much, that I think I feel an outfit post coming on……. Dress- Cherry Velvet (via Gwynnie Bee) | Shoes – Nine […]

My Monday Shopping Cart – Leopard Print Shoes

I know it’s been a while right? I haven’t done a shopping cart in forever; I just haven’t been super inspired to window shop lately. Sad but true….. Luckily a sad thing happened recently, and it pushed me back to some window shopping. After some not so great news at the shoe hospital, I’ve had […]

That Time I Got Dressed…… Last Week

Remember that day last week when I was all “Hey I took an outfit picture!!” and then I jokingly said it was going to take a week to post it? Well guess what friends; that was NO joke. It really has taken me a week to post it……. Me out and about ……. wearing pants! […]