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Shopping Haul – Nordstrom’s Winter Sale

There are a lot of things that make me happy. Time with my family, hanging with my huge pile of fluff (my cat Widget), a good book, time with the boyfriend, a well-written thank you note, and so on. But nothing – NOTHING – gives me the same fluttery, excited feeling as the phrase NORDSTROM […]

That Time I Got Dressed…… Last Week

Remember that day last week when I was all “Hey I took an outfit picture!!” and then I jokingly said it was going to take a week to post it? Well guess what friends; that was NO joke. It really has taken me a week to post it……. Me out and about ……. wearing pants! […]

My Monday Shopping Cart

Sometimes I wish my shopping wasn’t so all over the place. I wish I was one of those people that shopped in an organized manner; you know, they look for certain items and focus only on those. Not me – I just look at whatever catches my eye and then Pin it or post it […]