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Outfit Post – Maxi Stripes

Remember like 2 weeks ago when I said I was posting another outfit in a couple of days? Yeah, obviously that didn’t happen. But better late than never right?   Dress – Old Navy | Belt – Eloquii (sold out, booo) | Converse – Nordstrom | Bullet Ring – Mana Culture | Owl necklace – […]

My Monday Shopping Cart – For The Graduation

You know those parents that get all teary-eyed over the milestones in their kids lives….. AKA every parent on the planet? That’s me right now. Granted, she’s not my kid, but my little sister is about to graduate from college in a week. Am I insanely proud? You bet. Am I bawling like a baby […]

My Monday Shopping Cart – Functional Fashion

This working at home thing has really taken a toll on my dressing skills. More often than not, I stay in yoga pants and a shirt all day everyday. And frankly, it’s making it hard to write a fashion blog! So I’ve decided that I have to start getting dressed everyday like I’m going to […]

My Monday Shopping Cart – More Maxis

Thanks for reading! Be sure to find me on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest. I want to hear from you and find out what you love! I have a new-found love and it’s name is maxi dress. I know I’ve mentioned my fear of them in the past (I’m scared to look short) but there […]