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Plus Size Outfit – Gray Sweater Two Ways

Remember when I shared my fall haul from Nordstrom and I mentioned being obsessed with a certain sweater? And then I mentioned again in my fall uniform post that I now had it in four colors? Well, I have taken to wearing them with EVERYTHING. I’m desperately trying to restrain myself from buying the last […]

Everyday Dress From Eshakti

There are many places I love to shop, and I talk about them all the time! Lovesick, Rebdolls, Nordstrom, etc. But one place that I don’t talk about enough is Eshakti. I have many of their dresses, and each one is amazing. And you know what makes them amazing? Three things that come to mind: […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – Black and Gray and Red All Over

I know everyone wants to see the bridal pictures (and all of my bridal outfits!!) but they aren’t back from the photographer yet. But I promise I will share it all as soon as they are in! In the meantime……. I TOOK AN OUTFIT PICTURE. That’s right; not only am I posting twice in 7 […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – Black and White and Patterned All Over

Summer time is always a tricky time for getting dressed. On one hand, I want to look cute. On the other hand, I want to not melt from humidity-related heatstroke. So my summer outfits tend to be relatively casual and layer-free. Because layers (no matter how light) always end up equaling more heat. I’ve noticed […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – Two Looks and My Thoughts

Are you on the internets? You should join me on the internets! You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest for even more mayhem and foolishness! First things first; I’ve been getting out a lot lately! This is super good for my depression, and also super good for my outfit posts. However, I am not the best about […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – Jewelry Habit and Regular Clothes

Today’s plus size outfit post is a mish-mash of cool stuff. First, it’s featuring a badass necklace I got from the fine folks at Jewelry Habit. You know how I pretty much always wear an owl necklace? Well, I’m trying to branch out these days. But finding necklaces that fit all of my criteria is […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – Valentine’s Day

Thanks to everyone who voted in the “Who Wore It Better” poll! It is no surprise that I won, because y’all are super nice. Beetlejuice did get a couple of votes, but poor Robin Thicke got none. Poor Robin…… So today’s plus size outfit post is from this weekend. Adam and I went out to […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – Beetlejuice Reimagined

Many thanks to all who gave their opinions on The Hair! The general consensus was to have longer hair, but not LONG hair. So I’m going to grow it out a bit more (probably to my shoulders) then just keep it trimmed until the wedding. So my hair will still be shortish, but I’ll have plenty […]

Plus Size Outfit Post – Thanksgiving Boots

Happy belated Thanksgiving!! Normally, I wouldn’t consider this is a holiday worthy of an awesome outfit, but it actually ended up being perfect for this week’s plus size outfit post. Why, you ask??? Well let me show you…… MY BIRTHDAY BOOTS!!!! If you are friends with me on Facebook, you might have seen a post […]